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NOSM Family Doctor, Business Owner and Designer Fight COVID-19

Apparel 4 a Cause, began when Peter Rocca decided to take the knowledge he acquired as a sports clothing owner and bring his skill-set to the ring in the fight against COVID-19. When physician, Dr. Robert J. Pastre (NOSM Charter Class Alumnus) came upon Mr. Rocca's Fight Against COVID shirt, he immediately fell in love with the concept and thus Apparel 4 aCause was born. The two started sharing ideas and aspirations regarding a T-shirt campaign to bring attention to the current pandemic and contacted a local designer, Daniella Flores to join the team. The company's campaign is built on social accountability and community...

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NOSM Thanks Inaugural Wellness Lead Clinician

After four years in a builder visionary role, Dr. Jonathan DellaVedova is concluding his outstanding term as the School’s first PGME Wellness Lead Clinician. Dr. DellaVedova is a pediatrician and clinician-educator who practises in Sault Ste. Marie. “Dr. Jonathan DellaVedova’s accomplishments in this short time frame have been phenomenal,” says Dr. Robert Anderson, NOSM’s Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education & Health Sciences. “We would like express our sincere thanks to Dr. DellaVedova for his tireless leadership for the past four years.” An alumnus of NOSM’s MD program, Dr. DellaVedova obtained his ...

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NOSM residents raise funds for the Sudbury Food Bank

Pediatric residents in Ottawa launched a fundraiser for the local food bank, and encouraged others across the province to do the same. NOSM residents took up the challenge and raised funds for the Sudbury Food Bank. In a statement, NOSM residents said: “As health-care professionals, we are at the front line caring for those affected by COVID-19. We realize this pandemic affects the ability of many families to afford food and basic living needs. We appreciate you staying home for us and would like to help those in need by donating to the Sudbury Food Bank! Please help support our community if you can, we are in this together!” Lea...

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