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Presidential Search

University Begins Search for New President to Lead into the Future

Change is on the horizon for NOSM University as Dr. Sarita Verma, a distinguished leader serving as President, Vice-Chancellor, Dean, and CEO, announces her retirement. Dr. Verma will conclude her impactful term on June 30, 2024. In preparation for this transition, a presidential search committee has been assembled, entrusted with the responsibility of identifying and evaluating potential candidates.

The presidential search committee operates under a set of guiding principles, which can be explored on the university’s dedicated presidential search webpage. These principles form the foundation for the detailed screening and selection process that will ultimately determine the next president of NOSM University.

The committee’s mandate goes beyond merely filling a position; it involves identifying an individual whose vision, values, and leadership align seamlessly with the ethos and aspirations of NOSM University. The chosen leader will be instrumental in shaping the institution’s trajectory, fostering academic excellence, nurturing innovation, and furthering its commitment to excellence in education and research.

As NOSM University embarks on this pivotal search for its next president, stakeholders, including faculty, learners, staff, and the broader community, are encouraged to engage actively in the process. The university values diverse perspectives and input, recognizing that this collective participation enriches the search for a leader who will inspire, innovate, and drive positive change.

As the search committee diligently works towards identifying the ideal successor, the institution remains committed to its core values and unwavering dedication to excellence in education and research.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements regarding the search for the new president of NOSM University.

For more information and updates on the presidential search process, please contact the University Secretary at

About the Search

The Board of Governors has initiated a search to be struck for the next NOSM University President. The Search is governed by the Presidential Search and Appointment Policy


On February 24th, the advertisement went live.

Executive Brief President, Vice-Chancellor, Dean & CEO NOSM University

Search Committee Membership

Chaired by the Board Chair, the search committee is constituted in accordance with the policy and the Presidential Search Terms of Reference Final 2024 (Amd Membership)


Appointment Title Name of Appointee
Chair Joy Warkentin, Past Chair of Board of Governors
Vice Chair Sue LeBeau, Board Chair
1 Mae Katt
2 Dawn Morisette
3 Susan Soldan
4 Craig Abotossaway
5 Dr. Shemer Ratner
NOSM U Student Council President Julie Leroux
Senate Speaker Dr. David MacLean
Senate Deputy Speaker Dr. Alexandre Anawati
OPSEU Unit #1 Representative Dr. Zacharias Suntres
OPSEU Unit #1 Representative Dr. Marion Maar
AD UME Dr. Lee Toner
AD EI Dr. Joseph LeBlanc
Associate Vice President, External Relations Joanne Musico
President and CEO SSM Ila Watson
President and CEO TBRHSC Dr. Rhonda Crocker Ellacott
University Secretary Gina Kennedy (non voting)
Search Firm – Boyden Canada Michael Naufal, Managing Partner
Search Firm – Boyden Canada Michael Young, Senior Associate

Update – Stakeholder Consultations & Survey (February 29, 2024)

The Presidential Search Committee has carried out a number of consultation sessions with the University’s community members. Several sessions were held virtually with the internal community, with board, senate, learners, faculty and staff taking part. The Presidential Search Committee also held sessions with members of the Indigenous and francophone community. Additionally, the Search firm offered one on one consultations for those who requested them, in addition to the consultation survey that closed on February 15, 2024.

Thanks to the thoughtful contributions of all participants, these consultation sessions were invaluable in helping the Committee to better understand the needs and priorities of the community. The success of the Presidential search depends upon understanding the University community’s expectations and aspirations for NOSM University’s next leader. These insights and perspectives are invaluable and will help ensure that the process incorporates thinking from across the community.