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Meeting Procedures, Agenda and Presentations

Regular Meetings

The Board meets approximately 4 times per year (or as required) to be advised of important matters related to NOSM University in accordance with the By-Laws and to take formal action on others.   Meetings are held from September to June, unless otherwise ordered by special motion, or by the Chair. The schedule of dates and deadlines for submission can be found under Meeting and Agendas

Special Meetings

The Chair may at any time summon a special meeting. If a Governor requests a special meeting, they must do so in writing.


To attend open sessions, other than by invitation, requests shall be made to the Secretary. All individuals in attendance at any Board meeting shall observe rules of decorum, and the Chair may require any individual to leave any meeting if, in the discretion of the Chair or a majority of the members, such individual acts contrary to good order and decorum.

Those in attendance shall not be permitted to use cameras or other electronic recording equipment or broadcast proceedings of the Board unless permission is granted by the Chair or a majority vote of the Board and subject to such conditions as the Board may impose. Board and Committee meetings may be recorded by the Secretary for minute taking purposes.

Guests may speak by addressing the Chair, but not vote.



Agendas are developed well in advance of a meeting.  Please advise the University Secretary at the earliest convenience with preference to at least 2 weeks (or more) prior to the date of desired consideration to request that an item be included on an agenda. Special meetings will have different times, please check with the University Secretary.

Note: Items should be fully reviewed (and approved) within the portfolio/unit and through the appropriate Committee, Management Group or Executive Group before submission and include all clean and track change versions as well as a completed briefing note, report or supporting cover page.

Once an item has been scheduled for the Board or a committee agenda, it is the responsibility of the item owner to meet the deadlines for final submission of materials established by the dates identified in the boards overall planning cycle.

The Chair, President or University Secretary, may require earlier deadlines or submission.

All requests should be sent via email to

Preparing Information and Action Items

Please review the following requirements when preparing items to be presented at Board meetings. If you have any questions, contact the Office of the University Secretary via email or by calling 705-662-7206.

With the exception on in person meetings, the Board would prefer not to have projected live content or audiovisual materials, except in very exceptional circumstances. Meeting time should be devoted to discussion of pre-distributed items rather than to content delivery.

Governors review all materials prior to meetings. Your item should therefore provide all relevant background. It may deliver this information in the form of an briefing template or an appended report. This report can take the form of a narrative or a slide deck for chart-heavy items. The goal is to effectively deliver all relevant information to the Board for review prior to the meeting.

All materials are delivered electronically. Your presentation during the meeting should offer highlights or critical points of your topic and elicit questions from the Board.

Note: Under extenuating circumstances, reports or items may be submitted after the deadline, however only upon written confirmation by the Chair of the Committee or Board.

Note: If an item that is expected to come to the Board multiple times during the course of the project, please maintain consistency of name and format or identify any changes in the corresponding documents.

Information or Action Briefing Note (Cover): An agenda item will include a cover.

  • Use the NOSM University or Board approved templates.
  • The item title on the cover needs to be the same as the item title on the agenda.
  • The item cover lists the attachments, if any. The document titles on the attachments should match the titles listed under Attachments on the item cover template.
  • Note: If you have an item that you expect will come to the Board multiple times during the course of the project, please maintain consistency of name and format.

Attachments: Please submit attachments with your items, if applicable.

  • For items presented that are revised documents must be presented in both a clean and track change format (identifying the changes in the track change version)
  • Pursuant to the applicable policy framework for NOSM University, all new or revised documents for consideration must be in the most current document format and template.
  • PowerPoint slides should have a light or white background whenever possible. Please follow the formatting guidelines given below.
  • Send all attachments in editable format, if possible (.docx, .xlsx, .ppt, etc.). They will be converted to .pdf format.
  • The title on the attachment should match the title listed under Attachments on the Item cover template.
  • The Board discourages distribution of print materials. If you wish to include a booklet, brochure, swag, etc. as an attachment, please contact the Secretary in advance. If approved, we will need 25 hard copies delivered by the same deadline as other materials and an electronic version for the permanent record.
  • Brief bios, with photos, for faculty, student, and guest presenters would be appreciated.

Projecting live Content: Please contact the Governance Office. As noted earlier, projecting live content is discouraged in regular meetings. If you are permitted to project, follow these guidelines:

  • Create slides for Widescreen (16:9), by selecting the DESIGN tab, SLIDE SIZE, WIDESCREEN (16:9).
  • Project only graphics, maps, tables, charts or videos, rather than text. Set video to play Full Screen by selecting VIDEO TOOLS, PLAY BACK, VIDEO OPTIONS, PLAY FULL SCREEN.
  • One graphic, map, table, chart or video per slide.
  • Convert media created on a Mac to run on a PC, and test it on a PC, before submitting with item cover.
  • If text must be used, five bullet points per slide.
  • Indicate “projection” in the file name.
  • Let us know if the projection will require any audio, video, or internet.
  • Let us know who will be running the laptop during the presentation.
  • To ensure a smooth-running meeting, all projections will be loaded in advance onto one laptop, tested by NOSM Technology before the meeting, and run from that laptop.  If you want to bring your own laptop or USB drive to the meeting, please let the office know in advance.

Due dates: This Office will only lightly proofread your items and attachments. Major additions and changes are the responsibility of the presenting portfolios or units. If your item cover and attachments are late, the item may be pulled from the agenda.

Note: Please be considerate of the time it will take to study the materials you intend to provide. Include enough information for Directors to identify the core issues, but do not overextend. All attachments should be tied directly to the objective of your presentation. If, during the presentation, the Board or Committee requests additional information, the Secretary will work with you and be the conduit for follow up.

Presenting at Meetings

Directors review all materials prior to meetings. Meeting time should be devoted to discussion of pre-distributed items rather than to content delivery. Your presentation during the meeting should offer highlights or critical points of your topic and elicit questions from the Board. It is recommended to add questions for the Board to engage the participants.

  • Provide a bio to the Secretary with your materials
  • Introduce yourself(-selves) and state your name(s) and title(s).
  • Agendas are typically very full. Practice your presentation to make sure the timing is accurate. Maintain time discipline.
  • Do not present in person all of the information you submitted in advance. Assume the members have reviewed the materials.
  • Highlight the Actions and emphasize the outcomes. Present a few high level points and your objective in bringing this information to the Board’s attention.
  • Leave time for questions from the members and discussion about the item. Develop specific questions for the audience to answer to stimulate dialogue and interest.
  • Reading suggestion before presentation: 12 Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Board Meeting Presentation
  • Ensure your system is updated for the meeting contact

The University is fortunate to have an engaged and dedicated Board of Governors. Please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns. We would like your presentations to be successful!

Thank you

Rules of Order

Unless otherwise specified in rules of procedure or By-laws, Bourinot’s Rules of Order, in its most recent edition, shall govern.

These exist to ensure that meetings proceed smoothly and democratically. The rules of order are intended to facilitate equitable participation, not limit it.

Bourinot’s Rules of Order are relied on by the Board and Senate at NOSM University.

Bourinots at a glance

Examples for reference:  Parliamentary Procedures Motion Examples