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Policy Manual

Below are key documents, policies, procedures and guidelines applicable to the NOSM University Board of Governors. Please note that as we transition to NOSM University, some documents will be in the process of updating. Should you require information on any of the policies contained on the site, please contact Gina Kennedy, University Secretary or Alexandra Curry Assistant Secretary by email


Appointment, Recruitment and Succession Planning

Committees and Groups

For Board Committee Membership and Terms of Reference see Board Committees

Financial Statements and Documents


Other Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

President Policies, Performance and Succession Planning

Travel and Expenses Reimbursement

Helpful Resources

This webpage will contain a collection of documents and policies as well as associated procedures and guidelines which are currently in effect.

This PDF collection is intended to function as a convenient reference. Although the University Secretary updates this site on a regular basis, it is impossible to ensure complete accuracy at all times. Therefore, the Office does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of this electronic collection. In the event of any discrepancies between the policy documents formally passed and the PDF versions published via MyNOSM, the former shall be the governing version.

To ensure that you have the final approved version or if you need to rely upon the latest of the policies for legal and other purposes please obtain a copy of the official version of the policy by writing to the University Secretary