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Resident Wellness

The Postgraduate Medical Education Wellness Program

Residency is a unique opportunity to learn, grow and set the stage for the rest of your career. Residency also has its challenges. While you will face high expectations, the NOSM Postgraduate Wellness program aims to ensure you also have a high degree of support. The mission of the Wellness Program is to assist our residents in achieving the knowledge and skills to develop healthy and productive professional identities during this important transitional time. The framework of the program includes occupational/academic health, physical health, emotional health and social health.

Our highest priority is providing and coordinating supports for residents who have specific health needs, whether pre-existing or arising during residency. Wellness Program personnel will assist residents with finding and coordinating health resources, as well as working with residency programs to accommodate the learning and training environment if needed. The program also includes proactive components for all residents such as: a wellness curriculum, promoting safe housing and transportation, ensuring your duty hour and leave protections are respected, cultural supports, and guidance with developing a healthy and productive professional identity.

Message on Wellness to Incoming Residents

NOSM Well – Resident Wellness App

The Wellness Program has developed a “Residents” section within the interactive wellness app NOSM Well. The Residents section in the App, delivers easily accessible, secure, up-to-date wellness information to you around the clock, in any setting! View the NOSM Well app features here, and download the app below:

Download NOSM Well app!

I Need Help - Crises Information Button

To link to the  I need help section for NOSM Resident supports.

About Us

Primary Care

Having access to primary care is an essential part of staying healthy, and many residents will find themselves outside of their home communities during their training. We strongly encourage every resident to locate and establish themselves with a family physician. At the start of each academic year, we refresh our list of Northern physicians who have agreed to take on residents as patients. The list can be found within MyCurriculum under Resources or by request to the Wellness Program personnel.


NOSM is committed to ensuring that residents with disabilities have equal opportunities to succeed in residency while upholding the high academic standards of our programs. Disabilities can include physical limitations, medical conditions, learning disorders and mental health disorders. The new Postgraduate Medical Education policy can be found online under Policies and Forms. If you are a resident with a disability who is in need of accommodations, please contact the Wellness Lead Clinician for assistance.

Direct Support

The Wellness Lead Clinician is available to you for coaching and brief advice pertaining to your wellness issues. The WLC can also help you locate and coordinate wellness resources. We encourage any resident experiencing academic or occupational distress to reach out given that wellness issues are often interconnected.

For professional counselling and therapy, NOSM has invested in an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) through LifeWorks (previously named Morneau Shepell). All NOSM residents and immediate family members have access to the EFAP at no personal cost. To ensure confidentiality, fees for the EFAP services have been paid in advance by NOSM. The EFAP is completely confidential within the limits of the law.

LifeWorks is a leading EFAP services provider, offering a wide range of wide range of confidential and voluntary support services. We specifically chose LifeWorks  as our EFPA provider for their experience with northern and rural clients and for the wide variety of delivery options that suit our distributed model.

EFAP benefits include:

  • Short-term Professional Counselling
  • Family Support Services
  • Legal Support Services
  • Financial Support Services
  • Naturopathic Services
  • Nutritional Services
  • Health Coaching
  • Specialized Counselling and Online Programs

Residents are encouraged to use the EFAP at any time. Call 1-844-880-9137 or visit and sign up using Northern Ontario School of Medicine for full access to the EFAP services and resources.

Resident Support Network

The Resident Support Network is a group of residents, faculty and administrators with special training and a responsibility to assist residents. Feel free to reach out to any member of the network if you have questions or need an ear.

Resident Members:

  • Pria Thavanathan – Psychiatry
  • Shannon Hughes – Pediatrics
  • Stephanie Lachapelle – Family Medicine
  • Tanya Tremblay – Family Medicine
  • Mario Kangeswaren – Public Health and Preventive Medicine (including Family Medicine)
  • Pamela Ng – Pediatrics
  • Kylie Crocker – Family Medicine

Faculty & Staff Members:

  • Dr. Louise Logan – Resident Wellness Lead Clinician
  • Dr. Paul Miron – Program Director, Family Medicine
  • Dr. Jonathon DellaVedova – Faculty, Pediatrics
  • Dr. Kim Varty – Faculty, Family Medicine
  • Dr. Sean Sullivan – Faculty, Family Medicine
  • Dr. Chiebere Ogbuneke –  IMG Coordinator
  • Dr. Sean Thomas – Faculty, Family Medicine
  • Dr. Trista Lyon – Faculty, Emergency Medicine
  • Cathy Duchesne – Program Coordinator PGME
  • Kristy Cote – Manager PGME
  • Laura Csontos – Learner Affairs
  • Sonya Richard – Program Coordinator PGME
  • Nicole Hachez – SAC Kapuskasing

NOSM Learning Advocates

NOSM Learning Advocates act as a resource and support for all NOSM learners who may be concerned about mistreatment, harassment and/or discrimination.  Learning Advocates can also help support our residents and programs in fostering healthy, respectful and safe learning and work environments.

Residents can reach out to the Learning Advocates for a variety of reasons. Learning Advocates can:

  • Offer support to all NOSM learners, including residents.
  • Can Listen to concerns.
  • May help identify mistreatment.
  • Can explain protocols for reporting incidents of mistreatment, harassment or discrimination.
  • May assist with conflict resolution between parties.
  • Can communicate concerns on behalf of the learner.
  • Can assist in connecting learners to internal NOSM Wellness resources or external counselling support.

To read more on frequently asked questions, about the role of the NOSM Learning Advocates, please visit the Resident FAQs.

To learn more about the role of the NOSM Learning Advocates, please visit their website.


Resident wellness rests upon a foundation of respect for PARO-CAHO Collective Agreement protections, freedom from intimidation and harassment, safe and healthy working environments, and safe housing and transportation. Residents are encouraged to come forward if ever these conditions are not met. Recognizing that you may need clarification of these standards or assistance with advocacy, the Wellness Lead Clinician is available to provide support.

For further information on mistreatment, please visit the “I need help, Crisis Information” link on our resident wellness homepage.

To access our PGME Policy and procedures page please click,  PGME Office Policies, Procedures & Forms website.

Wellness Curriculum

The PGY1 Core Curriculum includes wellness topics like fatigue management, burnout, mindfulness and resiliency in order to help you develop the lifelong skills to stay well in medicine.

Our Partners in Wellness

Ontario Medical Association Physician Health Program (PHP)
The Ontario Medical Association Physician Health Program (PHP) provides a range of direct services to physicians, residents and medical students, as well as supportive services to family members.

The PHP provides confidential support for individuals who are struggling with substance use and mental health concerns, as well as with other behaviours that have a personal and professional impact. The PHP also offers support and education to physician leaders, hospitals, and other worksites; as well as to anyone else who is concerned about a loved one or colleague.

PHP support is responsive, helpful and knowledgeable about local resources. All PHP services are confidential, and residents are referred to appropriate services geared to caring for physicians in their own community, or one nearby if preferred.

The OMA Physician Health Program can be reached through their confidential line at: 1-800-851-6606 (Ontario only). Additional information is available online at

The Professional Association of Residents of Ontario (PARO)
Paro is your professional association responsible for negotiating and upholding your collective agreement, as well as providing direct support services for its members.

PARO maintains a 24h helpline, which is a confidential support service for residents and their families. The toll-free number is accessible anywhere in Ontario.

PARO Help Line: 1-866-HELP-DOC (1-866-435-7362). Additional information can be found at

The PARO website also includes wellness information, tips for thriving in residency and strategies for stress. These and other resources can be found here:

Transportation Safety

The distributed nature of NOSM Postgraduate programs means our residents spend quite a bit of time on the road, and our Northern weather can sometimes make our highways unsafe. If ever you judge the conditions to be unsafe for highway travel, we prefer that you stay off the road. If this causes you to show up late for the first day of your next rotation, or an academic session, so be it! Contact your program coordinator as soon as possible so alternative arrangements can be made, for example teleconferencing in. There is no penalty for keeping yourself safe. Please refer to the Postgraduate Medical Education Resident Safety Policy for additional information pertaining to transportation/travel safety and more .

Residents also work long hours. If you are too tired to drive yourself home after an overnight shift or an extended shift, do not get behind the wheel. Call a taxi to come pick you up and keep your receipt. NOSM will reimburse you for the cost of a trip from the hospital to your residence in the same city, as well as the cost of the taxi ride to retrieve your car (after you’ve had a nap). Just fill out a NOSM Expense Form with the details of your trip and email to Wellness office at


All resident communication with Wellness Program personnel, including personal health information, will be handled confidentially within the limitations of the law. Your program director, faculty supervisors and colleagues will not be informed of the content of these communications without your consent.

PGME Resident Wellness Confidentiality Policy

Leaves Policies

The resident Wellness Program would like to remind residents of the importance of taking breaks. In addition to our support, the Collective Agreement also provides professional time and lieu days. To find out more on the resident responsibilities for sick days, short term and long-term leaves please visit the PGME Office website.

Postgraduate Medical Education Leaves of Absence Policy

Resident Leaves Checklist

Other Wellness Resources Available

Canadian Medical Association Wellness Support Line

The CMA Wellness Support Line ( will link Ontario residents to the OMA Physician health program. For Ontario, the Wellness Support Line is 1-800-851-6606 which offers counselling and access to mental health supports to physicians, medical learners and their immediate families. It is a 24/7 bilingual (French and English) service, delivered via Morneau Shepell and is designed to complement existing resources available through physician health programs in provinces and territories across Canada

For further information on their wellness support line, please visit the CMA Support line.

The CMA Physician Wellness Hub

The CMA Physician Wellness Hub (the Hub) is one of the key programs the CMA has created to drive change in the culture of medicine and to promote health and wellness in the medical profession for the benefit of practitioners, the health system and all Canadians. The Hub aims to improve physician wellness individually as well as at the system level and to promote a collaborative approach to physician health and well-being.

The Hub is a national collection of nearly 300 physician health and wellness resources, spanning 22 topics. Resources include original CMA content and curated information from other trusted sources. Information is targeted to physicians, residents and medical students seeking guidance and wellness self-help, and CMA membership is not required to access it. The Hub also has material for those leading wellness initiatives and programs. The CMA will continue to add tools and resources to the Hub, as needs arise and as new materials become available.

The Hub also incorporates two other key CMA health and wellness initiatives: The Wellness Support Line and Wellness Connection and aims to support other high-quality health and wellness initiatives developed by the provincial and territorial physician health programs. The CMA worked collaboratively with the provincial and territorial medical associations and provincial health programs, other medical stakeholders and physicians to leverage their input and enhance resources that are already in place for physicians and medical learners.

The Hub is a tremendous source of all kinds of resources, such as articles, videos, podcasts, etc. It is easily searchable. A quick search of the hub’s content visit their website CMA Hub

Resident Doctors of Canada

RDoC is dedicated to supporting its members’ health and wellness throughout their medical training. Please visit their Website to learn more about how they have taken a leadership role in a number of resident wellness projects.

  • RDoC Wellness site link
  • Link to the RDoC poster “How do we change the culture? We start by changing the language”. Poster


NOSM Connections

NOSM Health Sciences Library- Health and Wellness page

Culture NOSM

NOSM Francophone Medical Education

NOSM Indigenous Medical Education


Other Community Connections

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

Kids Help Phone

LGBT Youthline

Settlement.Org: Welcome to Ontario

Contact Us: Wellness Program Support

Dr. Louise Logan
Postgraduate Medical Education Wellness Lead Clinician

Jaimy Kiiskila
Resident Wellness Program Coordinator Support (Lead)- Thunder Bay
807-766-7458 /

Cathy Duchesne
Resident Wellness Program Coordinator Support – Sudbury
705-662-7106 /

Dr. Louise Logan

Dr. Louise Logan

Dr. Logan is a francophone Emergency Medicine physician originally from Northern Ontario.  She has always had an interest in supporting her fellow residents and colleagues.  She enjoys family time and being active. Her family members enjoy several competitive sports.  She has had experience as a national sports coach and has been active as a coach for Special Olympics for many years.

She was a graduate of Laurentian University prior to pursuing medical school at the Université de Montréal and completed her residency training in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine at the University of Ottawa’s rural stream based in Sudbury.  She held an administrative role at the Northeastern Ontario Family Medicine Program as the francophone coordinator upon graduating.  She was involved in the early stages of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine with engagement in the early learners affairs committee, the founding Admissions committee, the francophone advisory committee and has since been a member of both the NOSM Board of Directors and the NOSM Academic Council and is currently the East Campus Clerkship Lead for Emergency Medicine.

She brings with her to the role of Wellness Lead Clinician a real desire to help support residents during their residency training.  The Wellness Lead Clinician is responsible for oversight of the Postgraduate Medical Education Wellness Program, as well as providing direct support to our residents. The Wellness Lead Clinician also represents the wellness interests of all residents to NOSM and its programs, including providing education, consultation and supports to faculty and administrators.  Although the Postgraduate Wellness Program was only started in 2017, it represents an essential resource for residents and fellows.

Most importantly for you the postgraduate learner, the Wellness Lead Clinician acts as a confidential resource to residents and fellows who need support. If you have a wellness concern that may affect your training, or vice versa, please feel free to contact Dr. Logan as a resource and as a link to other support services.

The Wellness Lead Clinician is supported by our PGME Coordinator, Ms. Jaimy Kiiskila. The Resident Wellness Program is also strongly supported by our Wellness Advisory Group which is composed of residents, faculty, staff, and administrators who meet regularly to steer the program and respond to residents’ needs.

Residency has the potential to be the most rewarding, formative, and enjoyable time of your life. If you are struggling or just scraping by, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Dr. Louise Logan
NOSM PGME Wellness Lead Clinician



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