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  • Jane Zhao

    Q. Jane Zhao is the Research Associate for Project ECHO, a health professions telemedicine education program, working at University Health Network in Toronto. They have been working for ECHO at UHN since 2014 and bring extensive knowledge and expertise around ECHO implementation and evaluation. They are currently working between four ECHO programs: Chronic Pain and … Continue reading Jane Zhao

  • Hom Shrestha

    “I am an interdisciplinary rural and northern health doctoral student and trainee researcher at Laurentian University. My research is focused on exploring a culturally-safe dementia care (CSDC) model in remote and rural hospitals in Northern Ontario to educate, train, engage and empower physicians, nurses, caregivers and community partners and stakeholders to initiate CSDC for older … Continue reading Hom Shrestha

  • You’re Invited: 2023 NOSM University Achievement Celebration

    This year, we launch our inaugural NOSM University Achievement Celebration, an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the many accomplishments of our students, faculty and alumni. Hosted at our Northern Constellations conference on Friday, May 5, 2023 in Thunder Bay, we will be recognizing everyone who has achieved something remarkable this year, and handing out awards … Continue reading You’re Invited: 2023 NOSM University Achievement Celebration

  • 2022-2023 Preceptor Award Nominees

    Academic Excellence Nominees: Nicole Steadman – St. Gabriel’s Villa of Sudbury | Villa St-Gabriel de Sudbury Bridget King – Public Health Sudbury & Districts Kim McGibbon – Thunder Bay District Health Unit Erin Woodbeck – Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Commitment to Clinical Education Nominees: Suzanne Lamoureux – Home and Community Care Support Services … Continue reading 2022-2023 Preceptor Award Nominees

  • Kelly Meservia-Collins

    Kelly Meservia-Collins is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Education Studies. She has a MA in Applied Social Psychology and 13 years of progressive leadership experience in healthcare education. Kelly advocates for system and social change in healthcare and uses simulation and transformational learning to create spaces for critical dialogue, professional growth and quality improvement. … Continue reading Kelly Meservia-Collins

  • Kristine Hart

    Kristine Hart is a full-time Senior Research Assistant with the Centre for Social Accountability. Kristine’s previous work has centred around developing and implementing evaluation frameworks for multi-disciplinary collective impact initiatives in the non-profit, public and philanthropic sectors. Kristine is passionate about building community capacity for evaluation to support sustainable measurement efforts and evidence-based planning in … Continue reading Kristine Hart

  • Margaret G. French

    Margaret’s role within the CFSA is analytic support and administration of two tracking studies, as well as being the OHT Impact Fellow supporting two northern OHTs – All Nations Health Partners and Rainy River by building capacity with them and broader system partners, including academic networks to support ongoing research, quality improvement, evaluation and interprofessional … Continue reading Margaret G. French

  • Holly Fleming

    Holly Fleming has a Master’s of Environmental Studies in Northern Environments and Cultures, which focused on mapping traditional knowledge of Lac Seul First Nation onto a digital map format. She’s passionate about the intersection of Indigenous knowledge and western knowledge. Holly also has a background in medical education, having previously worked as a research assistant … Continue reading Holly Fleming

  • Hafsa Siddiqui

    Hafsa is a part-time research assistant with the Centre for Social Accountability. With an educational background in finance, psychology, and management, Hafsa’s research focuses on a broad range of areas, including learning health systems, social accountability, mental health, and health systems transformation. Hafsa has previously worked in leadership roles at various health institutions in Thunder … Continue reading Hafsa Siddiqui

  • Ray Jewett

    Ray Jewett is a community health geographer working with the CFSA on Learning Health Systems and AI for Northern Medicine research programs. Ray specializes in evaluating community variations in social demographics and environmental characteristics to understand health service planning and policy opportunities. Ray’s work centres health geography data governance to promote social accountability. Data governance … Continue reading Ray Jewett