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  • Booking an Event

    Learner Support Services assists with scheduling various types of events, and meetings for the NOSM University UME student interest groups and NOSM U Student Council. To help facilitate the planning of events the NOSM U Student Interest Group Event Request Form must be completed in full for all requests. Depending on the event requirements you … Continue reading Booking an Event

  • NOSM University receives $100,000 gift toward Nicolas Michael Farkouh Bursary

    Gift to be matched by FDC Foundation, creating $200,000 endowment NOSM University students will enjoy some financial help thanks to the Nicolas Michael Farkouh Bursary, funded by the John Carl MacIsaac Foundation of Greater Sudbury. With this family foundation’s generous gift of $100,000, and a matching gift of $100,000 from the FDC Foundation through their $10 million matching … Continue reading NOSM University receives $100,000 gift toward Nicolas Michael Farkouh Bursary

  • NOSM University Financial Regulations

      By the action of registration, all learners become bound by the policies and regulations of NOSM University. All learners are responsible for familiarizing themselves with NOSM University’s policy and regulations. (e.g., Academic Schedule of Fees, Refund Policy, and Academic Schedule). Registration is not considered complete until the tuition and ancillary fees are paid. Default … Continue reading NOSM University Financial Regulations

  • Want to be a doctor? This is what you can expect.

    I am frequently asked—in the grocery store, by email, in DMs on social media—“Why didn’t my child or cousin or neighbour get into NOSM University?” The journey to becoming a physician is a competitive, complex and challenging one. It is a passage that few people truly understand or appreciate. I hope to offer some insight … Continue reading Want to be a doctor? This is what you can expect.

  • Kyle Vader

    Kyle Vader (he/him) is currently a medical student at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM University) in Sudbury, Ontario. Prior to medical school, he completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) at McMaster University, Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto, and Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation Science at Queen’s … Continue reading Kyle Vader

  • Dr. Kristen Morin

    Dr. Kristen Morin is a postdoctoral fellow with NOSM University, Health Sciences North Research Institute, and ICES North, with a particular interest in coordinated care and improved services for patients in with OUD. Dr. Morin is currently working to address opioid dependence-related questions using administrative health data. Dr. Morin has a firm grasp of health … Continue reading Dr. Kristen Morin

  • Research Groups

    MERLIN is comprised of a series of different research groups that connects interested faculty, those in the healthcare industry, students and community around a certain topic. Join one of our research groups and learn about topics in: Rural Medical Education Social Accountability Health Systems Artificial Intelligence


    In partnership with AMS, Lakehead University and the Temerty Centre for AI Research and Education, NOSM U introduces AI-NORTH, a project that focuses on understanding artificial intelligence in the context of Northern Ontario. Through appreciative inquiry, deliberative dialogue and two-eyed seeing, we seek to: understand socially accountable AI, identify strengths and gaps in AI research … Continue reading AI-NORTH

  • Andrea Raynak

    Andrea Raynak is the Director of Nursing Practice at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Within her role, she advances the practice of nursing organizationally and creates and maintains programs and practices that support, promote and evaluate nursing practice. She facilitates the integration of research into practice and further … Continue reading Andrea Raynak

  • Responsible Conduct of Research

    Research Integrity NOSM University recognizes the importance of research, including innovation and scholarly inquiry, in the advancement of new knowledge. As such, NOSM University requires all research, innovation and scholarly inquiry conducted by its faculty, staff, and learners, and under its auspices be performed in the most rigorous and responsible manner according to the guidelines … Continue reading Responsible Conduct of Research