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Integrated Community Experience (ICE) 

Craft making during Community Based Module 106.

Each year, NOSM University Learners have a 1st year placement in what is called Integrated Community Experience (ICE). This is a 4-week placement in a First Nation community, a Métis organization, or an Indigenous health organization in northern Ontario.

The placement occurs at the end of their academic year and is a culturally experiential experience. During this time, NOSM University students are scheduled 10 – 12 hours per week of community/cultural experiences and 6 – 8 hours of clinical experience. While on placement, learners often engage with youth in the community in structured learning activities.

Learning to clean smelts.

Community experiences varies from community to community and reflects what each community feels the students would need to know about them in order to better serve their community. The clinical experiences vary by community also and can include Healthy Babies, Home visiting, health checks, diabetes awareness etc.

NOSM University currently has 42 Indigenous community partnerships who have signed long term partnership agreements to host students. The long term partnership provides a framework for both NOSM University and respective signatory to work in collaboration to ensure a successful placement for both community and students.


Alumni Shared Stories CBM 106

Sandy Lake 2006

Joshane Fiddler – Sandy Lake 2006

Ice Ice Placement 2011

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