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Alumni Stories

NOSM Alum, Dr. Doris Mitchell, puts her #patientsfirst

This is Dr. Doris Mitchell. After graduating in 2010 ago she moved back to her hometown of Chapleau, Ontario, in order to provide health care to the people in her community. Watch how she puts her #patientsfirst. [embed][/embed]...

Watch the TVO documentary featuring Dr. Doris Mitchell.

A message to learners,

From Dr. Jonathan DellaVedova, Wellness Lead Clinician, NOSM Postgraduate Medical Education: Each December I am grateful for the twinkling lights, comforting foods and Christmas party invites. A festival of lights and togetherness seems fitting during this darkest time of year. December can be difficult, especially when the connections aren’t there and the sheen of the holidays fails to live up to its promise. We residents and doctors also sacrifice our own restoration time so others can be merry. Last December we faced our most difficult period as a school when we sadly lost one of our own. A counsellor here in Sault Ste. Marie ...

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Dr. Aidan Wharton

When I graduated from Laurentian University’s undergraduate biochemistry program, I didn’t plan on going to medical school but I knew I wanted to work with and help people. I moved to Toronto to study to become a perfusionist*, but the more I learned about the cardiorespiratory system, the more I wanted to understand the bigger picture of health and disease. I applied to NOSM because I support its social accountability mandate and its values coincide with my own. My experiences in northern and rural communities while studying at NOSM opened my eyes to some of the challenges these communities face in health care and beyond. This tr...

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