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Program Overview & Highlights

Questions about the program for the residents?

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Program Overview

Length of training: four (4) years

The NOSM University Pediatrics residency program improves upon the traditional tertiary center based training model by providing residents with extensive training opportunities in northern urban centers under the supervision of general pediatric consultants. In addition to world­-class subspecialty and acute care rotations at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), the northern rotations provide the learner with extensive opportunities to develop the skills necessary to fulfill all of the CanMEDS roles. By honing their clinical and problem-­solving abilities in a preceptor supervised environment, distant from extensive subspecialty support, residents have the opportunity to develop into confident, practical, skilled clinicians. A full exposure to tertiary subspecialty and acute care rotations is maintained throughout the residency.

Although the philosophy of training in this program has been developed from the practice of general consultant pediatricians, upon completion of the program, residents will be well positioned to pursue subspecialty training if they choose or embark upon a career in general consulting pediatrics.

Residents are required to provide their own vehicle.    It is strongly recommended that residents have a laptop computer.

Distance learning in the northern centers is enabled by state-­of­-the-­art telemedicine facilities. Resources and opportunities for additional learning, including electives and conferences, will also be made available.

The Competence By Design (CBD) curriculum officially launched July 2021. The 4 stages of CBD are mapped over 4 years, after which residents can choose to apply to a subspecialty. The program has been piloting CBD for over four years now, and has gained much experience in the new design.

Learn More About Our Program

What’s it like training at both NOSM University and CHEO – pediatric resident video

Check out this new video from the NOSM U Pediatrics residents!

What type of learning experience can you expect as a NOSM U Pediatrics resident? The NOSM U Pediatrics Residency Program Video provides a great overview of our program! Hear directly from our program director, faculty, and residents who have gone through the program. The video outlines the many unique training aspects and strengths, and also provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about our program.

Program Highlights

The following represent the highlights of our program:

  • A unique and challenging hands-­on learning experience
  • Unparalleled preceptor support from physicians committed to practicing in Northern Ontario. Early integration as a key member of an integrated health care team dedicated to professionalism, high quality patient care and excellent medical education
  • Commitment to resident learning
  • Commitment to the NOSM University social accountability mandate with hands on teaching in social advocacy
  • Self-­directed, learner-­centered training to meet your career goals
  • Financial support for resident travel to and from core clinical placements away from the home base and all mandatory educational activities at non home base locations
  • Housing support for core rotations away from primary residence
  • Opportunity to participate in research under expert guidance
  • Funding available for research, professional development and conferences
  • Access to advanced technology and informatics in residency training
  • 24/7 access to electronic search engines, electronic indexes as well as an extensive collection of electronic medical/health journals and textbooks
  • Exceptional lifestyle balance with a wide variety of outstanding Northern Ontario recreational opportunities

NOSM University Resident Wellness Program Support

Residency is a unique opportunity to learn, grow and set the stage for the rest of your career. Residency also has its challenges. While you will face high expectations, the NOSM University Resident Wellness Program aims to ensure you also have a high degree of support. The mission of the Wellness Program is to assist our residents in achieving the knowledge and skills to develop healthy and productive professional identities during this important transitional time. The framework of the program includes occupational/academic health, physical health, emotional health and social health.

Our highest priority is providing and coordinating supports for residents who have specific health needs, whether pre-existing or arising during residency. Wellness Program personnel will assist residents with finding and coordinating health resources, as well as working with residency programs to accommodate the learning and training environment if needed. The program also includes proactive components for all residents such as: a wellness curriculum, promoting safe housing and transportation, ensuring your duty hour and leave protections are respected, cultural supports, and guidance with developing a healthy and productive professional identity.

The NOSM University Resident Wellness Program has developed a “Residents” section within the interactive wellness app NOSM Well. The Residents section in the App delivers easily accessible, secure, up-to-date wellness information to you around the clock, in any setting!