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Curriculum & Academics

Over the course of the program, NOSM University Pediatrics residents will spend time in both northern Ontario and Ottawa. The northern Ontario sites include North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Sioux Lookout and Thunder Bay. In Ottawa, residents will primarily be at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), as well as the Ottawa General Hospital NICU.

Distance learning in the northern centers is enabled by state-­of­-the-­art telemedicine facilities. Resources and opportunities for additional learning, including electives and conferences, will also be made available.


Residents will have a half day per week protected time for academic teaching sessions. These sessions are all delivered by video conference/web-based technology and mostly consist of small group learning sessions with one didactic lecture per block. Three to five times per year, residents will gather in one of the northern centres for face to face learning sessions, simulation sessions, OSCEs and social events.

Protected time to attend Grand Rounds broadcast by the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario by videoconference will be available. Residents will participate actively in the departmental academic and morbidity and mortality (M&M) rounds at northern locations. Residents attend a northern based morning report and noon rounds, with all the northern sites, while in the north.


All residents in the program are expected to complete a scholarly project prior to the completion of training. NOSM University has excellent resources available to support resident research, in addition to those available in Ottawa. Several opportunities for practical research meaningful to the local communities and under expert guidance are available.

Clinical Curriculum

The following is a basic outline of the next four years. Each block is 4 weeks and there are 13 blocks over the course of the year.

Please note, this is just an outline and there may be some changes over the course of the residency. Additionally, training schedules in northern Ontario will also vary depending on the site.


PGY1 Clinical Curriculum – CBD Stream 2021
Rotation Duration
 Northern Consulting Pediatrics 6 Blocks
 Northern Consulting Pediatrics (opposite site (SSM/North Bay) 1 Block
 Pediatric General Surgery (Ottawa) 1 Block
 Pediatric Wards JR(Ottawa) 1 Block
 Sub-Specialty (Ottawa) 2 Blocks
 Emergency Medicine JR (Ottawa) 1 Block
 Elective 1 Block


PGY2 Clinical Curriculum
Rotation Duration
Northern Consulting Pediatrics (with two weeks of Anesthesia in the north) 5 Blocks
Northern Consulting Pediatrics (SSM/North Bay site not in PGY1) 1 Block
PICU (Ottawa) 1 Block
Sub-Specialty (Ottawa) 2 Blocks
Perinates (Ottawa) 2 Blocks
Surgical Subspecialty Outpatient & Night Float (Ottawa) 1 Block
Elective 1 Block


PGY3 Clinical Curriculum
Rotation Duration
Northern Consulting Pediatrics 5 Blocks
Sioux Lookout 1 Block
Night Float / Selective (Ottawa) 1 Block
NICU (Ottawa) 1 Block
Emergency Medicine SR (Ottawa) 1 Block
Pediatric Wards SR(Ottawa) 1 Block
Sub-Specialty (Ottawa) 2 Blocks
PICU (Ottawa) 1 Block


PGY4 Clinical Curriculum
Rotation Duration
Northern Consulting Pediatrics 7 Blocks
Selective/Elective (2 weeks of Senior Night Float) 6 Blocks
**PGY4 will be required to complete 2 weeks of night float/day senior in Ottawa
3 blocks in Ottawa (Recommended – NICU & PICU)

Competence by Design launched July 1, 2021. 

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