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The CampMed 2024 Volunteer Application is now OPEN!

For CampMed 2024 we will be once again having two in-person CampMed camps:

  • Sudbury | July 8 to July 12, 2024
  • Thunder Bay | July 15 to July 19, 2024

We look forward to another great summer in 2024 with our campers!

You can also stay up to date by following our medical student-led Instagram NOSM_FutureMD’s for event information, advice, and to experience a day in the life of a medical student!

Please note: If you are a high school student looking to apply to NOSM University’s CampMed, please visit for more information.

Are you:

  • A university student/graduate or allied health professional who is interested in Health Sciences and/or thinking of applying to medicine in the future?

  • A NOSM medical student looking to help mentor the future generation?
  • Looking to build up your resume with volunteer experiences?

Then NOSM University Has An Exciting Opportunity For You!

CampMed will accept volunteer applications from students with living or studying experience in Northern Ontario or rural areas in Canada, who are either:

  • Enrolled in a university degree program and have completed their first year, or
  • University graduates, or
  • Allied health professionals, or
  • Current NOSM University students

About CampMed

NOSM University maintains a commitment to providing information to rural, remote, Indigenous, and Francophone youth about health careers. CampMed provides students with a unique opportunity to learn about professions in the health-care sector.

The camp provides Northern Ontario and rural and remote students of Canada with an opportunity to explore Indigenous culture, health and tradition, Francophone culture, health and tradition, health-care careers, obtain hands-on experience, and find a mentor.

CampMed 2024 will offer in-person workshops* (our intention is to offer an in-person component, however this may change due to COVID-19 restrictions). We are looking to pair one medical student (minimum) with one university student to be team leads as well as assist with some interactive workshops. We will also need volunteers to deliver an exciting CSI case to solve. We hope that this experience will provide mentorship and leadership experiences for potential medical students as well as university student volunteers. This opportunity will enable our volunteers to network with different students as well as medical professionals and to interact with diverse populations across the north.

The aim is to have workshops that coincide with our four Pillars of Learning: interprofessional, leadership, culture, and clinical skills.

University Student/Graduate Volunteer

Using your post-secondary skills and knowledge, you, as a University Student Volunteer, will be responsible for working with NOSM medical students and other university student volunteers as a group to assist with interactive workshops for the high school student campers.

Time commitment:

  • Attend a number of virtual meetings ahead of camp with your team and assist in some workshop delivery
  • Attend the week-long camp in Sudbury or Thunder Bay from approx. 8:00-4:45 pm

What You Gain

  • Medical student mentor(s)
  • Advice and anecdotes from other health science professionals
  • An opportunity to develop your leadership and communication skills by interacting with high school students
  • An impressive volunteer experience entry for your resume
  • An opportunity to explore Indigenous culture, health and tradition, as well as Francophone culture, health and tradition.

What You Offer

  • Mentorship by leading a small group of keen high school students who are thinking about studying for a career in health sciences
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Cultural competencies that allow you to interact with a diverse group of high school students.

NOSM University Medical Student Volunteer

As a NOSM University Medical Student Volunteer, you will be responsible for using your medical student experiences to work with your university student volunteer team to deliver fun, interactive online workshops to the high school student campers. You will plan and deliver the workshops along with providing:

  • Guidance
  • Mentorship
  • Expertise in Medical Training
  • Leadership

Time commitment:

  • Attend a number of virtual meetings ahead of camp with your team and assist in some workshop delivery
  • Attend the week-long camp in Sudbury or Thunder Bay from approx. 8:00-4:45 pm
  • Attend a 2 hour meeting the day before camp starts

CampMed Dates

For CampMed 2024 we will be once again having two in-person CampMed camps:

  • Sudbury  July 8-12, 2024
  • Thunder Bay July 15-19, 2024

Application Eligibility, Deadline, Requirements, & Form

Are You Eligible to Apply?

  • must be enrolled in any university degree program; if enrolled in an undergraduate program must have completed a minimum of one year in the program by the start of CampMed OR
  • must have completed any university degree program OR 
  • must be an allied health professional OR
  • must be a current NOSM University medical student

*Preference will be given to applicants studying or living in Northern Ontario, or other rural and remote areas of Canada.

Application Requirements

  • Electronic Application Form – Complete and submit the Application Form. You will be required to upload/provide the following supporting documents:
    • Statement of Intent*
      Upload a one (1) page statement that outlines your interest in medicine/health sciences. The statement should also identify what sets you apart from your peers, as well as your greatest accomplishment and failure.
    • Resume*
      Upload a resume outlining your work and volunteer history.
    • Letter of Recommendation*
      Provide a letter of recommendation from a referee that can speak to your character, personal qualities, and academic capabilities. This referee can be an individual who knows you in a context of your academics (professor), research (thesis supervisor), employment (supervisor), or volunteer or community activities. Please ensure that this referee has known you for a minimum of one year.

*NOTE: Submission of Statement of Intent, Resume, and Letter of Recommendation are required for University Student/Graduate Volunteer applications ONLY.

NOTE: The application form links will open in a new browser tab

Your Letter of Recommendation can be submitted by your referee to:

Lindsay Lemieux
CampMed Coordinator
Phone: 705-662-7025

Application Form

The CampMed 2024 Volunteer Application is now open!

Apply Now!

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