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NOSM University Accounts

Our experienced team strives to empower and assist students to meet financial obligations and provide financial transactions with innovation and efficiency.

Self-Service and Statement of Accounts

Learners have 24/7 access to a wide range of features and services available at the NOSM University Self-Service via any electronic device.  Self-Service can be used to pay tuition charges online and view electronic billing statements (eStatements). We are glad to offer flexible ways for learners to conveniently review their assessments and pay at any time.

Tuition Payment

For information on how to pay your deposit, tuition or tuition installments, visit the Tuition Payment Information page.

Tuition Installment Payment Instructions

If you wish to pay by installment please refer to the Fee Schedule to determine the amount you owe for the first installment.  This is the amount you will enter when going through the “Make a payment” process.

After you have paid the first installment you will see that there is an amount still owing on your NOSM University account. Refer to the Fee Schedule to determine how much of that remaining amount is equal to your second fee installment. If you only owe the second installment of tuition and fees, that remaining amount will not be due until December 15th which is the second installment deadline.  

You are responsible to pay by the designated deadline any charges above and beyond the tuition second installment amount.

Attention: Change to Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) Payments

OSAP payments to NOSM University learners will now be applied directly to your NOSM University account. Any amount of OSAP that you have been awarded that is above the amount of the first installment of tuition and fees will be sent directly to you.


OSAP Allocation $15,000 |

1st Installment − $11,004.11 – applied to NOSM University account.

                                 $3,995.89 – sent directly to the learner

Inquiries regarding your NOSM University account should be directed to


For any learner who has a sponsorship, NOSM University can send an invoice to your sponsor.  Please send a letter of sponsorship by email to

How do I Access my NOSM University Account

Your NOSM University account can be accessed by visiting myNOSM at the top right of the main page of the NOSM University website. Under the “Learner” tab, select Self Service.

Opting out of the Student Health Plan

Learners will not be able to apply to opt-out of the health plan until after Labour Day.

For information on how to opt-out of the Student Health Plan visit the NOSM U Student Council webpage. Learners will only be able to opt-out if you have alternative health coverage and will be required to provide proof of this coverage to We Speak Student (Health Plan Provider), NOSM University accounts are not involved in the opt-out process. If approved to opt-out, the refund will be made via online banking or cheque. The opt-out refunds will go directly to you.