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All students who are actively registered are charged tuition and registration fees in the appropriate term. Upon registration, your account will reflect a balance owing. All fees are payable by the applicable payment due date. If payment for the full installment amount is not received, a late payment fee of $100.00 will be applied the following business day. We recommend you make a payment in advance of the due date to ensure the funds are applied to your account in time.

Payment Due Dates

Due Date Term Who pays?
June 30, 2024 2024-2025 Full Year Fees
  • All PGME learners pay their registration fees.
August 15, 2024 2024-2025 Fall/Winter Fees
  • All UME students (including YR1, YR2, YR3, and YR4) pay their first installments.
  • Graduate learners pay their Fall (FA) term fees.
December 15, 2024 All remaining balances due for 2024-25 Fall/Winter.
  • All UME students (including YR1, YR2, YR3, and YR4) pay their second installments.
  • Graduate learners pay their Winter (WI) term fees.
May 1, 2025 2025 Spring/Summer Term Fees
  •  Graduate students pay their Spring/Summer (SP) term fees.

*Although the academic start date of the UME program ranges according to the year level, learners are to follow the same payment due dates thorough the full program.

Undergraduate Schedule of Payment

The Schedule of Academic Fees outlines the amount to pay for Tuition and Ancillary fees according to the two options below. You can either pay your full Tuition and Ancillary fees by August 15, or choose to pay in installment as outlined in option B.

Options Due Date Payment Amount
A August 15, 2024 FULL
B August 15, 2024 1st Installment
  December 15, 2024 2nd Installment

How much do I owe?

To check your account balance, visit > MyNOSM U > Learners > Self-Service > Log in > Account information > Account overview > Balance.  (click term to see account activity).

Late Payment Fee

A late payment fee of $100 will be charged to your student account for each missed due dates. Tuition and fees for students registering after published due dates are due on the same day of the registration. If fees are not paid on time active registration is subject to cancellation and all academic records will be frozen. All graduate learners must register and pay per term until graduation. There are 3 terms per year including Fall (September to December), Winter (January to April), and Spring/Summer (May to August).