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Concussion Workshop for Primary Care providers (Thunder Bay)
September 27th, 2019 (8:00-12:00 a.m.)
NOSM BSC Building, Room 1014

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Concussion Program Description:

The primary care concussion workshop will provide primary care providers with the terminology, skills and resources to appropriately
assess and manage concussion injuries. The workshop will also help providers to identify when it is appropriate to refer to a concussion
expert. This face-to-face workshop will offer a blended educational approach by first ensuring that all participants have an understanding
of current best practices and incidence of concussion in northern Ontario. Learners will then participate in facilitated, small group
learning using cases that demonstrate the progression and various considerations in the care of a patient with concussion. An
opportunity for practice reflection will provide participants with the opportunity to share experiences and obtain feedback from their
peers and from the facilitator.

Concussion Workshop Program (Thunder Bay)

Learning Objectives:

• Define concussion, incidence and expected recovery
• Discuss return to learn and return to play protocol with patient and family
• Assess the impact of other health conditions masked by concussion and their impact on concussion recovery
• Discuss considerations in recurrent concussions
• Determine appropriate management and identify when to refer