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Please view the brochure below for details about this program:

Principles of Plastic Surgery for Primary Care and Emergency Medicine Physicians

Facilitated by Dr. Sanjay Azad, this course will focus on a basic head to toe approach with the intention of giving physicians and healthcare providers the ability to treat hand and soft tissue injuries in their clinics and smaller communities.

Registered participants will receive a pre-course quiz, the results of which will be used by the facilitator to select the sessions from the list on the next page. The sessions will make up a six-hour day and feature short didactic presentations (20-30 minute presentation) followed by dedicated group discussion (20-30 minute discussion) and, when identified as a need, will include a suture lab, allowing participants to practice their newly acquired skills.

This course features a post-quiz, reflection, and commitment to change which will be sent to participants directly after the course. The pre/post-quiz will be compared and scored and the results returned to the participants. Each participant will be sent their commitment to change three months after their attendance at the course. Participants will be asked to reflect on their responses and explain any changes they made (or not) and why.


  1. Perform basic assessments of hands and soft tissue.
  2. Develop a treatment plan for various hand and soft tissue conditions and scenarios.
  3. Identify common missed warning signs and red flags when treating hands and soft tissue in the clinical environment.