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Critical Care Crash Course (C4) Brochure

High-fidelity simulation has emerged as the most appropriate way to train health-care providers for rare, but critical, life threatening conditions. The Critical Care sim Crash Course (C4) is specifically designed to train health-care providers to manage a critically-ill patient in a small community until they can be transferred to a larger centre, if needed. The course is simulation-based, and led by Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) faculty and Health Sciences North (HSN) staff with a target audience of NOSM residents and rural family medicine physicians that provide emergency medicine or critical care services.


  1. Utilize crisis resource management (CRM) skills in critical and life threatening situations.
  2. Enhance procedural skills for critically ill patients.
  3. Identify Diagnostic skills required for critically ill patients.
  4. Identification, differential diagnosis, and management of shock statuses.
  5. Diagnose and manage the common Pathologies found in the critically ill patients.