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Please view the brochure below for details about this program:

NORTH OF 44 Conference Brochure

As Primary Care Providers in the North, we are a distinct group from our Southern Counterparts. The North of 44 Conference was designed to meet the holistic needs of the “generalist” nature of our practices with a respect for the geographic and various service models that make up our region.

We are also hoping to create a “Community of Learning” that includes our NOSM learners, Academic and Community Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Multidisciplinary Health Professionals. Our opportunity to create a strong network for academic growth will inevitably also create a dynamic and powerful social medical network that will be an essential framework for the integrated medical community of the future.


  1. Discuss updates and common guidelines for PCOS, IUI, insomnia medications, geriatric management, and cancer treatment.
  2. Identify the best practices for ordering referrals to and managing recommendations of cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, and orthopedics.
  3. Discuss the HIV and Haven Program, as well as interesting dermatology cases.
  4. Develop networking opportunities and a greater appreciation for the exceptional work being done by our colleagues in the North.