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Dynamic conversations and creating a culture of kindness

Hello. Bonjour. Aaniin. Boozhoo. Since my last blog, I’ve met an incredible number of new people. I had the honour of meeting NOSM’s Indigenous Reference Group (IRG) and Ogichidaang Gagiigatiziwin — NOSM’s Circle of Elders and Traditional Knowledge Keepers — on July 19. I’d like to extend my gratitude to the IRG and the Elders for the Welcome Ceremony and the Eagle Feather that they gifted me. As well, I met with Monique Rocheleau, Chair of the Francophone Reference Group on July 9. I shall cherish the trust and kinship that these meetings generated for us all. We were fortunate to host a meeting in Sudbury at our...

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Getting Underway: Summer in Northern Ontario

Hello. Bonjour. Aaniin. Boozhoo Here we are. It is hard to believe two weeks can pass so quickly. Thank you to everyone who made time to meet with me and share your perspective on NOSM. I look forward to continuing these conversations in the coming year, as your opinions are crucial to framing our future planning. I am also deeply moved by the friendliness and kindness of everyone – thank you. Moving to two new cities (Sudbury and Thunder Bay) is a whole new world for me—and not easy—but you have made it a wonderful experience. I have been introduced to new people, restaurants, roads and places. Northern Ontario is breathtaking...

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Off and Running

Hello. Bonjour. Aaniin. Boozhoo. It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that this week, I assume my role as Dean, President and CEO of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM). Thank you for the many words of welcome and well wishes I’ve received over the past few months. I look forward to meeting you, if I haven’t already. About me I am a proud Canadian. The third child of an immigrant, a single parent from Delhi, India. Influenced by the fight for independence from British colonialism and Gandhi’s peace movement, my mother raised our family to be good citizens, to serve our community and to have strong values, ...

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