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OT Nominees

2022 – 2023 Occupational Therapy Preceptor Award Nominees

Commitment to Clinical Education

Winner – Laurie MacDonald – St Joseph’s Care Group

Laurie is very deserving of the Commitment to Clinical Education Award because she is always committed to providing students with the best placement experience even during the pandemic. As per a learner’s nomination that we received, the on-site experience of the student’s placement was cut in half because of restrictions due to the learner coming from Southern Ontario. Despite only having two weeks on-site, Laurie provided this student with diverse opportunities to get exposure to as many experiences as possible. The opportunities not only helped the learner achieve their professional goals, but also participated in learning experiences not previously considered. Despite the challenges faced during the pandemic, Laurie’s commitment to providing an excellent clinical education experience helped the learner develop skills needed to be an effective future occupational therapist.



  • Stephanie Chu – FIREFLY
  • Amie Mathews – FIREFLY
  • Zoé Campbell – FIREFLY
  • Laurie MacDonald – St. Joseph’s Care Group
  • Linda Smith – HSN, Geriatric Outpatient Rehab Service – Sudbury Outpatient Centre
  • Allison Irwin – Chapleau Health Services
  • Stephanie Gouliaras – Sault Area Hospital
  • Vicki Dupont – Sault Area Hospital

Innovative Preceptor Award

Winner – Susan Black – Geraldton District Hospital

An important quality that Susan has is her ability to seek feedback and listen to what her
students feedback needs are. Susan also treats learners as colleagues and values their
contributions, which allows learners to feel empowered and increase their confidence levels.
One learner’s nominations indicated that she did not feel empowered by another preceptor, until
she met Susan.
Susan always reflects about her own practice with learners on placement and reflects on the
clinical encounter considering what could have been done differently with a client. Having these
discussions with students makes the learning process a lot easier by taking away the pressure
and making a more comfortable atmosphere by treating learners as OT colleagues.


  • Susan Black – Geraldton District Hospital
  • Zoé Campbell – FIREFLY
  • Valerie Fecteau – St. Joseph’s Continuing Care
  • Ashley Main – THRIVE Child Development Centre
  • Stephanie Secondi – THRIVE Child Development Centre
  • Natalia Stadnik – Sault Area Hospital

Interprofessional Collaborator

Winner – Jane Horiguchi – St. Joseph’s Care Group

Jane was highly supportive of the student’s learning needs and learning objectives to ensure
they experienced the OT profession to its potential in acute medicine. Some examples include
initiating shadowing opportunities of other units (e.g., cardiac, forensics, and orthopedics);
shadowing different professions (e.g., PT, SLP); suggestions for learning objectives (e.g., hip
education class); discussing ethical dilemmas; and providing extra time for self-directed learning
as expressed in a nomination from a past learner.


  • Zoé Campbell – FIREFLY
  • Jane Horiguchi – St. Joseph’s Care Group

Northern Ambassador

Winner – FIREFLY – Occupational Therapy Team

We received several nominations from learners who were on placement at Firefly from the
different sites including Kenora, Sioux Lookout, Dryden, Fort Frances, and Red Lake. These
nominations show how deserving the OT team at Firefly is to win the Northern Ambassador
Zoe, Sophie, and Amie are genuine and passionate about occupational therapy. During my
placement, they were professional and always provided different resources such as FIREFLY
library, academic/grey literature to guide my learning. Kelly supported my interest in learning about the local culture. She introduced me to many opportunities despite being in the middle of a pandemic. She shared her enthusiasm for the North and the challenges.