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SLP and Audiology Preceptor Award Nominees

2022 – 2023 SLP and Audiology Preceptor Award Nominees

Commitment to Clinical Education

Winner – Jocelyn Kennedy – FIREFLY

Jocelyn was nominated for her ongoing commitment to providing clinical education. She has been a preceptor to many NOSM U learners over the years and is always willing to take a learner. She is a highly respected and enthusiastic preceptor who ensures learners are welcomed and prepared prior to their placement, as well as supported throughout their placements. She accomplishes this by completing a well-planned and transparent orientation that extends beyond the first week of placement, with a thorough teaching and evaluation schedule. Jocelyn has been praised by past students for her knowledge and eagerness to share and support learning. She also possesses a strong ability to ensure learning is tailored to the interests and preferences of each of her learners. In addition, Jocelyn’s learners and colleagues have acknowledged and appreciated her ability to create a safe learning environment where students can be challenged and supported in their learning by allowing risks and taking chances.


  • Jocelyn Kennedy – FIREFLY
  • Dakota Nesbitt – Creative Therapy Associates

Innovative Preceptor Award

Winner – Kate Norman – Giishkaandago’Ikwe Health Services (Formerly: Fort Frances Tribal Area Health Services)

Kate was nominated for demonstrating ongoing commitment to providing her learner with an innovative and meaningful learning experience. Kate is extremely passionate about helping the clients she works with to improve their speech and language skills, allowing them to find their voice. She is a strong advocate for her clients, finding ways to meet the needs of those she works with, and goes above and beyond to find innovative ways to provide meaningful support to her clients and their families. Kate is an inspiration to those around her and inspires her clients to work hard towards their goals. She is a supportive clinical preceptor and is someone who provides a safe, positive and welcoming learning environment.



  • Kate Norman – Giishkaandago’Ikwe Health Services (Formerly: Fort Frances Tribal Area Health Services)
  • Carrie Linklater – North Bay Regional Health Centre

Interprofessional Collaborator

Winner – Kaitlin Sanders – FIREFLY

Kaitlin was nominated for her awareness of the importance of interprofessional collaboration. She continually seeks to build relationships with colleagues connected to her clinical caseload, which includes but is not limited to: Special Education Resource Teachers (SERT), Speech-Language Assistants, Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Mental Health counsellors, Coordinated Service Planners and Indigenous Healers and Knowledge keepers. Kaitlin demonstrates an intuitive knowledge of Interprofessional Collaboration – it is always imbedded into how she works and thinks. She sees the value in bringing multiple perspectives together for the benefit of her clients. Kaitlin goes above and beyond to prepare for not only her learners, but other clinician’s learners as well. She ensures that an activity or outing is planned for the learner’s first week, which allows them to meet colleagues of all disciplines in a fun social atmosphere and helps to instill the importance of interprofessional collaboration in the upcoming generation of clinicians.



  • Kaitlin Sanders – FIREFLY

Northern Ambassador

Winner – Andrea Boyd – St. Joseph’s Care Group

Andrea was nominated for her strong knowledge about the community and culture that surrounds her and how this impacts her practice in speech-language pathology. Andrea incorporates the knowledge she has of her community and its cultures into practice by developing assessment and treatment that is culturally appropriate. She advocates strongly for the community that surrounds her and the patients in her care, and this advocacy goes beyond the advocacy required in the realm of speech-language pathology. On many instances, her learner witnessed Andrea advocate for patient’s cultural needs in team huddles and in conversations with other healthcare professionals. Andrea’s awareness of culture as an important aspect of holistic care has supported so many patients and families through their time at St. Joseph’s Care Group.


  • Andrea Boyd – St. Joseph’s Care Group