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The Northern Ontario School of Medicine Launches Movement to Respect the Difference

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) is challenging high schools, communities, Canadian medical schools and the wider medical sector to join its Respect the DifferenceTM movement. The movement emphasizes actionable changes in organizational policy and in fostering a culture of kindness, respect, inclusivity and diversity. The concept of Respect the Difference is based on the study of human genetics that concludes more than 99% of human DNA is the same. Through this movement, NOSM wants people to think about how there is less than 1% that makes up the difference in each other. “With so much in common genetically, let’...

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NOSM students join medical school peers in running errands for health-care workers and their families

Jai Mashru, president of the NOSM student council, posted a video to YouTube March 25, explaining how local students are joining in. See the article from discussing the grassroots effort led by the country's aspiring doctors to support overstretched health-care workers during the outbreak. Watch Jai Mashru's video. [KGVID width="640" height="360"][/KGVID]...

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NOSM Alumni Have Got Talent

Drs. Jamileh Shaffaf and Sean Robinson, husband and wife and graduates of NOSM Family Medicine residency program, are now practising in Wawa.  The talented couple made the below video, saying, "We spent the past few weeks creating this video together as a fun way to decompress after work, and we are hoping it helps motivate people to stick with public health's important recommendations. We thought the NOSM community may enjoy it!" Dr. Jamileh Shaffaf and Dr. Sean Robinson [embed][/embed]...

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