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NOSM Staff Member Makes and Distributes Masks

Lisa Kokanie, NOSM staff member in Thunder Bay, is making masks for anyone who wants one! Lisa shares that they are appropriate for use in public spaces such as grocery stores, where social distancing can be difficult, and where the guidelines for not touching your face are extra important. These masks are meant to protect others from your germs, not protect you from other people's germs. Lisa has constructed the masks from two layers of cotton with a nose wire, filter pocket and elastic loops for the ears. She's not charging anything for the masks, except shipping costs for those being mailed outside of Thunder Bay. Lisa is accepting do...

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Northern Ontario #PPEforHCP – Thunder Bay Efforts Expand

Northern Ontario #PPEforHCP is a group of over 130 allied healthcare and engineering students, alongside various community partners, who are from the north, for the north against COVID-19. Our primary purpose is to ensure appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) distribution and accessibility across Northern Ontario through various initiatives, including 3D printing and redistribution of donated PPE. Operating across Northern Ontario from Muskoka to Kenora, we have already raised over $2,000 and have relocated more than 20,000 items such as surgical masks, disposable gloves, N95 masks and more! The group, and our multiple commu...

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NOSM Family Doctor, Business Owner and Designer Fight COVID-19

Apparel 4 a Cause, began when Peter Rocca decided to take the knowledge he acquired as a sports clothing owner and bring his skill-set to the ring in the fight against COVID-19. When physician, Dr. Robert J. Pastre (NOSM Charter Class Alumnus) came upon Mr. Rocca's Fight Against COVID shirt, he immediately fell in love with the concept and thus Apparel 4 aCause was born. The two started sharing ideas and aspirations regarding a T-shirt campaign to bring attention to the current pandemic and contacted a local designer, Daniella Flores to join the team. The company's campaign is built on social accountability and community...

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