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NOSM Staff Member Makes and Distributes Masks

Posted on April 24, 2020

Lisa Kokanie, NOSM staff member in Thunder Bay, is making masks for anyone who wants one! Lisa shares that they are appropriate for use in public spaces such as grocery stores, where social distancing can be difficult, and where the guidelines for not touching your face are extra important. These masks are meant to protect others from your germs, not protect you from other people’s germs. Lisa has constructed the masks from two layers of cotton with a nose wire, filter pocket and elastic loops for the ears. She’s not charging anything for the masks, except shipping costs for those being mailed outside of Thunder Bay. Lisa is accepting donations of elastic (1/4 inch and smaller) and pieces of 100% cotton fabric. Some people have donated money via e-transfer, which she has put toward replenishing supplies. Lisa currently has 150 masks ready to distribute! Email Lisa at you would like a mask or to support making more.