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Alumni Stories

NOSM University shining stars celebrated

Faculty at NOSM University came together to network and celebrate clinical and educational achievements at Northern Constellations, the School’s 11th annual faculty development conference, held May 6-7, 2022. “We are celebrating our incredibly dedicated faculty, their provision of patient care, involvement in a range of teaching activities, and recognition of peer support systems they’ve built across the North,” says Dr. James Goertzen, NOSM University Associate Dean, Continuing Education and Professional Development and Thunder Bay family physician. “The conference provides an opportunity to further develop and fos...

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NOSM grad stays North to practise as a clinical medical physicist

Dr. Lalageh Mirzakhanian is one of NOSM’s many notable women in science, and she’s making an impact in the field of medical physics. The NOSM alumna and newly-minted medical physicist says she joined NOSM’s Medical Physics Residency Education Program (MPREP) in 2019 to gain clinical experience and to have access to a future clinical medical physicist position. After graduation, Dr. Mirzakhanian quickly secured a position at Health Sciences North (HSN) in Sudbury, where she completed her residency. “I always wanted to become a scientist,” she says. “I began with an undergraduate degree in physics, followed by a master's deg...

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Perseverance and Compassion From Uganda to Eabametoong First Nation

  When Dr. Jacinta Oyella was 10 years old, Uganda was experiencing deadly political unrest caused by a group who committed crimes against humanity. She recalls it as a time that inspired her to find meaning in the suffering around her and to see the good in the hearts of those with the perseverance to care for those in despair. Dr. Jacinta Oyella believes that there are no coincidences in life. Following a harrowing childhood in civil war-torn Uganda, Jacinta immigrated to Canada and eventually joined the Remote First Nations Family Medicine Residency Stream at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM). “The program...

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