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Program Overview & Highlights

Program Overview

Length of training: five (5) years

Residents in this program will have a number of opportunities unique to Northern Ontario.  While the majority of the training takes place in Sudbury, the opportunity to have clinical experiences in various centers across the North, from small rural hospitals to other major centers such as Thunder Bay, provides a unique chance to understand how anesthesia is provided outside of the major teaching center, and exposure to potential career opportunities.  As a new and growing program, resident feedback is an integral part of shaping this program for the future.  This is a program that is extremely responsive to resident input.  In addition to clinical research opportunities, residents have a unique ability to engage in medical educational scholarships in this cutting edge program.

Northern Ontario is not dependent on resident service to function.  Residents are an integral part of the perioperative team, but are not necessary for the day to day functioning of the hospital. This means we are all about education!  The service to education balance is very much in favour of the resident!

Residents in this program will work in a collegial group, dedicated to outstanding clinical care and education, living in a growing city with lots of opportunities for “outdoor living”.

Program Highlights

Many aspects of NOSM U’s programs set it apart from more traditional residency routes:

  • Superior hands-on learning experiences within a variety of practices and clinical approaches through multiple levels of health care delivery
  • Early integration as a key member of a health care team
  • Community-based, clinical learning experiences
  • Self-directed, and learner-centered training
  • A team of dedicated preceptors committed to enhancing resident learning opportunities and clinical experiences
  • Exceptional lifestyle balance with a multitude of recreational opportunities unique to Northern Ontario
  • Exposure to the culture and social fabric of Francophone and Indigenous communities
  • Access to the most advanced, state-of- the-art technologies in the industry
  • Travel support and accommodation for rotations away from residents’ home base
  • A strong commitment to resident education

The Amazing Race Canada Visits Health Sciences North in Sudbury

Dr. Rob Anderson, NOSM U Associate Professor and PGME Dean (and previously the Medical Lead of the Health Sciences North (HSN) Simulation Lab) had a key role in an episode of the popular television show, The Amazing Race Canada. When the show made a stop in Sudbury, contestants had to perform a CPR challenge at HSN’s Simulation Lab, located at the Sudbury Outpatient Centre.

Sudbury at a Glance: I Am Drone Malone