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NOSM Thanks Inaugural Wellness Lead Clinician

Posted on April 22, 2020

After four years in a builder visionary role, Dr. Jonathan DellaVedova is concluding his outstanding term as the School’s first PGME Wellness Lead Clinician. Dr. DellaVedova is a pediatrician and clinician-educator who practises in Sault Ste. Marie.

“Dr. Jonathan DellaVedova’s accomplishments in this short time frame have been phenomenal,” says Dr. Robert Anderson, NOSM’s Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education & Health Sciences. “We would like express our sincere thanks to Dr. DellaVedova for his tireless leadership for the past four years.”

An alumnus of NOSM’s MD program, Dr. DellaVedova obtained his faculty appointment once he began practice and has been teaching medical students and residents in the classroom and clinical setting. His accomplishments include:

  • establishing the structure and supports of the PGME Wellness Office, including clinical psychologist services;
  • developing core wellness curriculum and workshops;
  • establishing an accommodations policy and process;
  • launching NOSMWell—an app for NOSM-related wellness information;
  • creating tangible steps towards improving the overall NOSM learning environment with a legacy for us all to persevere with;
  • providing tremendous levels of direct support and advice to both residents and faculty in navigating the complexities of residency education; and,
  • providing exceptional leadership through challenging times, including the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

NOSM is currently seeking a PGME Wellness Lead Clinician to lead a wellness/resilience program that is specifically designed for NOSM residents and provides education, consultation and support to clinical faculty for matters associated with wellness and accommodation in clinical training settings.

“The new Wellness Lead Clinician will take the reins and build on the incredible foundation Dr. DellaVedova has built,” says Dr. Anderson. “We know this is a challenging time to find faculty champions and the School will fully support the individual who takes on this role and their team.” says Dr. Anderson. “Dr. DellaVedova will stay on for a short period of transition with his successor.”