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Poster Presentations

Emmanuel Abara – Use of Smartphone Camera and Telemedicine in the Management of Neonatal Priapism

Wuroud Al-khayyat – Elucidation of Tumour Suppressor Genes Using the CGL1 Radiation Induced Tumorigenesis Model

Christina Anthes – A Retrospective Study of Breast Reconstruction in Northern Ontario

Jocelyn Bel – The Effects of Chronic Stress on Brown Adipose Tissue Remodeling and Metabolism

Lauren Dalicandro – Do the Current American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Best Practice Guidelines Sufficiently Account for Suicide Risk Factors in Adolescents Undergoing Bariatric Surgery?

Franklin Di Sillong – Giant Bladder Stones in Vesico-Vaginal Fistula (VVF) Surgery: Challenges and Surprises

Robyn Duffus and Tammy Wong – Diagnosis and management of urinary tract infections in infants and young children at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre between 2015-2018: a retrospective chart review

Kaitlin Gonzalez and Kristen Morin – A Retrospective Study Examining Positive Predictors of Successful Opioid Conversion Therapy from Methadone to Buprenorphine

Maryse Lachapelle – The Role of Non-Neuronal Acetylcholine Production in Immune Cells

Christine Lalonde – Adult mental health implications of late-gestational ionizing radiation exposure using BALB/c mice

Jacqueline Larizza – Evaluating the Appropriateness of Inpatient MRI Orders at TBRHSC (a Choosing Wisely Initiative)

Matt LeBlanc – Retrospective Chart Review of an Opioid Agonist Therapy Program on Manitoulin Island to Identify Baseline Service Statistics

Cale Leeson – Recurrent Nephrolithiasis in a Patient with an Ectopic Parathyroid Adenoma

Margaret Meigs – Family satisfaction with palliative care in Northeastern Ontario

Alyssa Murray – Effect of Prenatal Glucocorticoid Exposure on Circadian Rhythm Gene Expression in the Brains of Adult Rat Offspring

Nicholas Nucci – Management of Infected Extremity Endoprosthesis: A Systematic Review

George Payne – Understanding Interprofessional Approaches to Wound Care in a Regional Hospital

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Jayden Peterson – Investigating the biological effects of sub-background radiation in CGL1 cells

Eduardo Soto – Anti-inflammatory potential of α7 nicotinic receptor silent agonists in human blood immune cells

Sabrina Trigo and Kaitlin Gonzalez – Creation of a Lactation-Friendly Learning Environment

Diana Urajnik and Julia Russell – Engaging in Vegan Dietary Practices: Parents’ Experiences Raising Children on Plant-Based Diets

Akshay Varghese – Assessment of Socioeconomic, Psychological, Behavioral, Lifestyle and Emotional Barriers Affecting Long-Term Glycemic Control and Progression to Complications in Patients with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Graysen Vigneux – Radiation Induced Functional Changes In Lens Epithelial Cells and Implications for Cataract Formation