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Program Overview & Highlights

Program Overview

Length of training: five (5) years

The NOSM Orthopedic Surgery program includes core rotations in Orthopedic Surgery and subspecialty rotations selected to incorporate a diversity of experience and proficiency in subspecialty areas that are integral to community based practice, but less commonly emphasized in traditional Orthopedic Surgery residency programs.

Based on the resident’s personal learning plan, the content, sequence of training and the schedule of movement between teaching sites may vary. The majority of rotations will be completed in Thunder Bay, depending on preceptor and clinical resources.

Program Highlights

The following represent the highlights of our program:

  • Early surgical skill training
  • Individualized educational goals focused on anatomy and surgical procedures; 24 hour in-hospital access to full body cadavers
  • Unparalleled preceptor support from knowledgeable surgeons committed to practicing in Northern Ontario
  • Early integration as a key member of a health care team dedicated to professionalism, high quality patient care and excellent medical education
  • Exposure to the culture and social fabric of Francophone and Indigenous communities
  • Opportunity to participate in research under expert guidance
  • Opportunity for learning experience in a range of Northern urban, rural and remote clinical settings
  • Funding available for research, professional development and conferences
  • Provision of financial support for resident travel to and from core clinical placements away from the home base and all mandatory educational activities at non home base locations