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Learner Support Services

Everyone needs support from time to time. Let’s normalize reaching out for help and advocating for one another when necessary. Eliminating stigma or shame around accessing additional support is an important first step. You are not alone.

Supporting Learners for Success

By providing the highest quality of services to learners, NOSM University will help to foster the best environment for learning in their personal and academic development as health professionals. Learner Support Services work to enhance the experience of learners at all stages of their time with NOSM University through the provision of a range of professional services.

NOSM University’s Learner Support Services Office operates in consultation with the academic program but is a confidential service for individual learners, at arm’s length from academics. Learner Support Services offers services and support which assist learners academically, personally and financially. It also has a primary role in career development, learner wellness and support for learner initiatives. We support learners by being accessible and responsive. Learner Support Services works with faculty and administration to facilitate a positive learning environment based on mutual respect. If you have been contacted by the Committee for Supporting Student Professionalism (CSSP), the Learner Affairs Officers can provide confidential support.

Primary Services

Health and Wellness

The health and wellness of all learners is our top priority at Learner Support Services. We provide support to learners to help them cope with the challenges in university, as well as develop the knowledge, skills, and habits that will allow them to excel in their careers.

Learner Affairs Officers (LAOs) provide this support through individual meetings and group sessions. When appropriate, referrals are made to external agencies, such as Counselling & Health services at Homewood Health, OMA Physician Health Program, CAMH, or other community partners. As a learner, you have a variety of resources available in support of your wellbeing.

Accommodations and Accessibility

Learner Support Services is committed to assisting learners with disabilities so that they may succeed in their program, and this includes the learner’s right to reasonable accommodation. It is the learner’s responsibility to initiate the process of requesting accommodations by contacting a Learner Affairs Officer in confidence as soon as possible after accepting an offer of admission to NOSM University. If you have any documented disabilities or medical conditions that may affect your education, it is advisable that you contact a Learner Affairs Officer immediately.

For more information or to request an accommodation, contact your Learner Affairs Officer. You can find their contact information on our Contact Us page.

Career and Professional Development

Our comprehensive Career on Track program provides career development sessions to help you better understand yourself, explore electives and medical specialties, and apply for residency programs. The Learner Support Services staff offers group and individual programming, to provide information, guidance, and resources to help you find the specialty that best suits your personality, goals, preferences, and values. Career sessions are listed in your Phase 1 timetable.

Financial Assistance

The Financial Aid Officer provides information and support for learners regarding provincial loan programs, budgeting, financial planning, and information on bursaries, awards, scholarships, and debt management education.

For more information, please refer to the page on Financial Assistance.