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NODIP Renamed Dietetic Practicum Program (DPP)

Posted on July 2, 2024

Effective fall 2024, the Northern Ontario Dietetic Internship Program (NODIP) will be renamed the NOSM University Dietetic Practicum Program (DPP).

This strategic name change aligns with recent Ontario legislation changes regarding paid internships. Furthermore, the change integrates the Dietetic Practicum Program into university governance and addresses the redundancy of the designation “Northern Ontario” appearing in both the university and current program title.

This change was approved by the NOSM University Academic Quality Assurance Committee on April 30, 2024 and by Senate on June 13, 2024.

While the name of NOSM University’s dietetic program is changing, the quality and integrity of our program will remain exceptional. DPP will continue to offer outstanding opportunities for learning and professional development in the field of dietetics.

Key points regarding the transition:

  • Effective date: The new program name will take effect in fall 2024.
  • Incoming class: The 2024-25 dietetic learner cohort will be the first group to enroll in the NOSM University DPP.
  • Graduation: This incoming cohort will be the first to graduate under the new name in July 2025.
  • Recruitment: Marketing efforts for the 2025-26 academic year will be conducted under the new program name.

This change will further enhance our program’s visibility and alignment with academic institutions while maintaining our commitment to high-quality dietetics education and training.

We acknowledge that after 17 years, this is a significant change. Many of our colleagues have been with NOSM University since our inaugural cohort began the program in 2007. While our mission remains the same, we are positioning ourselves to seize new opportunities for dietetic learners and Registered Dietitians in Northern Ontario.