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NOSM University calls for a peaceful resolution to the conflict

Posted on November 3, 2023
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On October 11, 2023, NOSM University issued a statement calling for peaceful resolution to the conflict in the Middle East. Some learners at NOSM University have voiced their anger and confusion about this statement that did not acknowledge both sides affected. It is true we failed to acknowledge the suffering of the Palestinian population in Gaza in addition to the Israeli civilian population and all civilian populations affected by this war. The conflict in Gaza is deeply disturbing. We assure you that we do not support war or terrorism, nor do we deny there is immense suffering of innocent populations. First and foremost, NOSM University sides with peace. When peace fails, we feel it is imperative that human rights are respected. This is consistent with the statement of the United Nations. The statement issued by NOSM University attempted not to take a side but reflected the sad events of that time. We are a caring and inclusive community. We are truly sorry for the unintended disappointment and loss of trust in our institution that this has caused.We are committed to a path forward and working on a framework that will guide future decisions around any such statements that are made on behalf of the University.

NOSM University will form a Task Force after the next Board of Governors meeting on November 24, 2023, to develop a policy and process about the issuance of any political statements.

This group will include learners and NOSM University Board of Governor representation, and will be chaired by Dr. Joseph LeBlanc, Associate Dean Equity and Inclusion. For NOSM University Learners, Homewood Health is available to you and your family 24/7 at 1-800-663-1142