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Sharon Fucile Forget Me Not Award

Sharon Fucile was a vibrant, compassionate individual who married her high school sweetheart, was the mother of three incredible children, a playful and dedicated grandmother, wonderful sister and valued friend. Her life was all she had dreamt it would be, becoming a mother, working as an underwriter and body building along side her spouse for the first time.

Unfortunately at the age of 24 health problems surfaced and unbeknownst to her it would lead to a lifelong road of searching for a diagnosis between too many health care providers to mention. In Rochester, MN she received the diagnosis of a relatively new auto immune disease identified as Chronic Fatigue/Epstein bar. This was just the beginning of her health journey challenge.  New symptoms surfaced and evolved over time to where in the last five years, it caused such excruciating  pain and was so debilitating it impacted her ability to manage her every day activities.

At the age of 56 she received a new diagnosis of Sarcoidosis, also in the auto-immune classification, a disease difficult to detect that is characterized by the growth of tiny collections of inflammatory cells (granulomas) in any part of the body.  Most commonly the lungs and lymph nodes.  The cause is unknown, but experts believe it results from the body’s immune system responding to an unknown substance.  In addition there is no known treatment to address the complexity of issues endured.

Sharon was approved for a MAID on Sept 4th, 2019  at her home on Lake Superior surrounded by her family and friends.  Throughout her entire journey, she kept that beautiful magnetic smile on her face that drew so many people to her.  In her selfless way she wanted her passing to be recognized in a way to help others with a similar journey of seeking responsive compassionate care while awaiting a diagnosis and treatment especially when it  may be elusive.  She also believed  that with a giant leap of faith, there may eventually be a cure.

For this reason Sharon Fucile “Forget Me Not” Bursary Fund was established for a medical learner interested in Internal Medicine. Awarded to  someone who understands how intimidating it can be for a patient trying to navigate the system across the disciplines.

An inaugural family friendly fundraising event was the fuel behind this bursary, bringing the people she loved together and in a small way assist a NOSM learner.

To give you a glimpse as to the type of individual she was, we would like to share the last post that she delivered with her signature “SMILEY” grin,   “Thank you for all the LOVE, the MEMORIES, the FUN and NEVER could I have dreamt my life to be any better “.  We thank you for your interest in achieving her DREAM.