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Pre-Conference Workshop

Research at NOSM University: The basics and beyond

Ghislaine Pilot-Attema (Research Coordinator, Research and Graduate Studies Office at NOSM University) lead this 1.5-hour preconference workshop, where participants were introduced to the basic concepts and functions of research administration and the research environment at NOSM University. Ghislaine went through several areas and topics including research funding, NOSM University research processes, opportunities to engage learners in research, and resources available to faculty. In this interactive workshop, participants worked together, and learned from each other in a supportive, and engaging environment. All faculty, residents, students, and staff were encouraged to attend, from novice to expert.

After this session, participants were able to:

  1. Explain basic concepts and functions of research at NOSM University.
  2. Discuss processes related to research at NOSM University.
  3. Advocate for the employment of research uptake in health-care practices.

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