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2007 NHRC Presentations

Laura Boston, Project Manager
 Northern Ontario eHealth Information and Communication Technology Project

Mackensey Bacon, B.Sc.
 Functional Analysis of a novel protein that is downregulated in lobular breast carcinoma.

Dianne Cameron, PhD
 Mutual Growth Inhibition Between Metastases

A. Carosi, N. Lightfoot & K. Alkema
Predictors of Workplace Absenteeism in Cancer Care Workers

David Crookston, MD, CCFM (EM), Primary Investigator
The Vascular Intervention Program (VIP)

Joseph K. Eibl, M.Sc. , Research Laboratory Coordinator NOSM- East
Boreal Bioprospecting Initiative

Evaluating the Adequacy of Care in Type 2 Diabetes Using Diabetes PHD

Carita Lanner, PhD, NOSM
A comparison of protein expression in nonmalignant and malignant cells

Terry MacKenzie, Nicole McDonald, Audrey Oliver, Carolle Thibeault
Regional Cancer Program of the Hôpital régional de Sudbury Regional Hospital, Sudbury, Ontario
Patient Follow-up via Videoconferencing: Advantages and Challenges

Ryan Mailloux , PhD candidate at Laurentian University
Aluminum toxicity leads to fat accumulation in human liver cells: a link to obesity

David A. MacLean, PhD, Division of Medical Sciences
The Microdialysis Technique: Clinical Implications

Jennifer Michaud, Acting Regional Director, North
Travel Cost Avoidance from Telehealth

Thomas Noland, Mamdouh Abou-Zaid, Ron Smith, and Stew Cameron
Developing a sustainable source of Canada yew biomass for drug production: Plantation research in Ontario

Bruce Oddson, School of Human Kinetics, Laurentian University
Detecting homogenous subsets of a population

Jeff Reading, PhD. FCAHS, Scientific Director, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health, Professor, Faculty of Human and Social Development, University of Victoria. B.C. Canada
The Quest to Improve Aboriginal Health: Or How to Indigenize the Academy

Dr. Stacey Ritz & Dr. Sandra Dorman; Northern Ontario School of Medicine & Laurentian University
Increased Red Blood Cell Indices & Platelet Numbers After Exposure to Forest Fires

Dr. Ellen Rukholm, Dr. Lorraine Carter
Bringing Together Best Practices From Distance and Continuing Education: The Best Practices for Stroke for Nurses Project

Scott M. Sellick, Ph.D., C.Psych ; Alan D. Edwardson, H.B.A
Psychological distress among cancer patients: Screening for triage and referral

Patricia M. Smith, PhD, Northern Ontario School of Medicine; Scott M. Sellick, PhD, Thunder Bay Regional Academic Health Sciences Centre
Developing the Infrastructure for Behavioural Research in Rural Hospitals Throughout Northwestern Ontario

Silvana Spadafora, MD, FRCPC
A Nurse-run, Community-based Anticoagulation Clinic

Marina Ulanova, MD, PhD
Epithelial integrins in mucosal immune and inflammatory responses