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2007 Northern Health Research Conference Presentations

Boston, L. : Northern Ontario eHealth Information and Communication Technology Project

Bacon, M. : Functional Analysis of a novel protein that is downregulated in lobular breast carcinoma.

Cameron, D. : Mutual Growth Inhibition Between Metastases

Carosi, Lightfoot & Alkema : Predictors of Workplace Absenteeism in Cancer Care Workers

Crookston, D. : The Vascular Intervention Program (VIP)

Eibl, J. : Boreal Bioprospecting Initiative

Gasperelli : Evaluating the Adequacy of Care in Type 2 Diabetes Using Diabetes PHD

Lanner, C. : A comparison of protein expression in nonmalignant and malignant cells

Mackenzie,T. : Patient Follow-up via Videoconferencing: Advantages and Challenges

Mailloux, R. : Aluminum toxicity leads to fat accumulation in human liver cells: a link to obesity

MacLean, D. : The Microdialysis Technique: Clinical Implications

Michaud J. : Travel Cost Avoidance from Telehealth

Noland, T. : Developing a sustainable source of Canada yew biomass for drug production: Plantation research in Ontario

Oddson, B. : Detecting homogenous subsets of a population

Reading, J. : The Quest to Improve Aboriginal Health: Or How to Indigenize the Academy

Ritz, S. : Increased Red Blood Cell Indices & Platelet Numbers After Exposure to Forest Fires

Rukholm & Carter : Bringing Together Best Practices From Distance and Continuing Education: The Best Practices for Stroke for Nurses Project

Sellick S. : Psychological distress among cancer patients: Screening for triage and referral

Smith, P. : Developing the Infrastructure for Behavioural Research in Rural Hospitals Throughout Northwestern Ontario

Spadafora, S. : A Nurse-run, Community-based Anticoagulation Clinic

Ulanova, M. : Epithelial integrins in mucosal immune and inflammatory responses