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In partnership with AMS, Lakehead University and the Temerty Centre for AI Research and Education, NOSM University introduces AI-NORTH, a project that focuses on understanding artificial intelligence in the context of Northern Ontario. Through appreciative inquiry, deliberative dialogue and two-eyed seeing, we seek to: understand socially accountable AI, identify strengths and gaps in AI research in Northern Ontario and help to build capacity for AI research in Northern Ontario. We hope to provide space to come together on common ground and explore what Artificial Intelligence means for the people of Northern Ontario.


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Community of Practice:

(Objective 1: Understand socially accountable Artificial Intelligence)

Through monthly meetings we are bringing together AI healthcare leaders, knowledge holders and those interested in the subject to discuss the role of AI healthcare in Northern Ontario through practice, policy, public health, education, equity, diversity and more. These conversations provide opportunities for dialogic discussion of Artificial Intelligence and discovery of the meaning of AI to the people of the region.

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AI and Public Health: June 23, 2023 at 11am-1pm

Research Activities:

(Objective 2: Identify strengths and gaps in Artificial Intelligence research in Northern Ontario)

Currently there are two ongoing reviews to assess the landscape of Artificial Intelligence in different contexts.

  1. Rapid Review of AI & Northern & Rural Literature What do we know of health-related AI in northern rural contexts?
  2. Systematic Scan of AI Funding in Canada What AI projects are being funded in Canada?(topics, expertise, methods)

AI-NORTH Collaboratory:

(Objective 3: Help to build capacity for Artificial Intelligence research in Northern Ontario)

The AI-NORTH Collaboratory is a collection of ongoing research pertaining to Artificial Intelligence in Northern Ontario. The intent is to provide an opportunity for collaboration between this grant and ongoing research around Artificial Intelligence across Northern Ontario as well create a generative place to bring together the work of this project alongside other projects within this region.

  • Narratives & visuals from AI-NORTH Meetings
  • Evaluations and Reviews
  • Student Projects
  • AI & Public Health in the North Event

If you know any other research going on pertaining to AI in Northern Ontario, we would love to welcome it into our Collaboratory!