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Sioux Lookout Welcomes Four NOSM Medical Students

This week, four third-year medical students of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) are beginning their Comprehensive Community Clerkships (CCC) in the community of Sioux Lookout. Jessica Moretti, Lise Mozzon, Elaine St. John, and Tracy Michano-Stewart will be learning in the community’s principal health-care facility, the Sioux Lookout Meno-Ya-Win Health Centre. An affiliation agreement between NOSM and Meno-Ya-Win has been signed, solidifying a partnership between the two institutions and allowing NOSM medical students to gain valuable hands-on practical experience in the community. To welcome the four medical stud...

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Strengthening the Health and Prosperity of Northern Families – Ontario Invests $2.2 Million Towards A Cancer And Cardiac Research Centre

The Ontario government is strengthening the health care and prosperity of northerners by investing in a new Cancer and Cardiac Research Centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced today. "All of us know family and friends receiving cancer or cardiac care, and we all know how important research is to bringing our loved ones back to full health," said Premier McGuinty. "This research will not only benefit northerners, but Ontarians and Canadians whose health care could depend on the answers this type of research will provide." The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation will provide $2,214,167 to make the form...

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Harmful or Therapeutic? Debating the Recreational Drug, Ecstasy

Dr. Stephen Kish will be the guest speaker at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine’s monthly Symposium on April 21, 2005. Dr. Kish’s presentation, “The Recreational Drug Ecstasy (MDMA): Brain Neurotoxin or Therapeutic”, will review the “science” of ecstasy, and assess the strength of the evidence of neurotoxicity in humans and the possibility that the drug might be helpful in the treatment of patients with some anxiety disorders. It is not uncommon for family physicians to encounter young patients with a wide range of psychiatric complaints, who suggest that their condition is a direct consequence of repeated exposure t...

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