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Rehab Testimonials

Lisa Hartman (Western OT)

NOSM University provided me with the clinical experience of a lifetime! During such tough times (COVID-19) I was given the opportunity to work with some of the most compassionate, kind, empathetic, skilled, and friendly professionals both within my profession and outside. I absolutely loved this experience and feel it has made a better person and future professional. This is one for the books - forever this experience will be viewed as a "career changer" for me! I must say - I LOVE the North (and all the wildlife that comes with it)! ...

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Leo Duncan

If you love the outdoors, northern Ontario is the place to be. While on a NOSM University placement in Thunder Bay, I fat-biked the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park trails, cross-country skied, hiked and explored to my heart's content. While I was there in the winter, I could see how many summer recreation opportunities there would be too. The wide-open spaces and closeness to nature were major draws for me, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot was closed during this time, but normally there would be plenty of restaurants, breweries and other indoor attractions. Hear from Leo himself! Leo Duncan (McMaster OT) - NOSM U Rehab...

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Alainna Crawford

I absolutely loved my time in Sioux Lookout! I had so many amazing experiences both during and outside of placement! I was able to learn about and engage in the role of an occupational therapist within two unique settings. I worked with clients at the local hospital in the Rehabilitation Department, and was also able to travel to some Northern First Nations communities as part of a Mobile Primary Care Team. Not only did I have incredible learning opportunities, but my preceptors ensured that I fully experienced Northwestern Ontario and the Sioux Lookout area (including dog sledding)! I will always remember the unique and valuable experie...

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