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Committees and Groups


  • Academic Indigenous Health Education Committee – contact – Associate Dean of Equity and Inclusion for more information 

Committees that report to Senate

Business Committee of Senate

Senate Executive Committee Membership

Last Name First Name Position
Verma Sarita President
Lariviere Celine Provost
MacLean David Speaker
Anawati Alexandre Deputy Speaker
Cain Miriam Registrar
Ross Brian Senator
Alabi Adedayo Senator
LeBlanc Joseph Senator
Lu-Cleary Destiny Learner Senator (Resident Learner)
Kennedy Gina University Secretary (nonvoting)
Curry Alexandra Assistant University Secretary (recorder) (nonvoting)

Dissolved or Inactive Committees

Dissolved as a Committee of Senate December 15, 2022 (may still remain as a program committee)

    • Admissions Committee 
    • Appeals Committee 
    • Continuing Education and Professional Development Advisory Committee 
    • Graduate Studies Committee
    • Postgraduate Medical Education Committee
    • Research Committee 
    • Undergraduate Medical Education Committee
  • Governance and Nominations Committee [dissolved – new Senate]
  • Nominations Committee [created GNC]
  • Ad hoc Steering Committee [created GNC]
  • Health Sciences Users Committee [Dissolved by AC Motion – March 4, 2011] 
  • Promotions and Tenure Committee [Dissolved by AC Motion – March 4, 2011]
  • Health Sciences – Interprofessional Education Committee [Dissolved June 2021]

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