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Academic Appeals related processes fall under the jurisdiction of the NOSM University Senate.

With the proclamation of NOSM to NOSM University in April of 2022, the University has sought to update this terminology on its website and in its publications. However, it is possible that examples of the old terminology remain, particularly in older or archived official texts. The old and new terms have the same meaning and should be considered equivalent.
For example: references to  NOSM are replaced by NOSM University or NOSM U, Academic Council is replaced by Senate.

Due to this transition, this page and the contents will be updated periodically and without Notice. For key documents, processes or information or if you have questions regarding Academic Appeals please contact the University Secretary at and in the subject line “Learner Appeals”

If you are a student/learner looking to appeal a matter, as a starting point, ensure you have read the appropriate program Appeal Policy.

Senate Appeal Policy and Request Form

Please note that as of April 7, 2022 all references to NOSM is NOSM University and Senate is the NOSM University Senate. The policy and process is currently undergoing a review.

The request for an appeal form along with the supporting documents must be completed and sent to the University Secretary within the allotted timeframe.

The current policy can be found HERE.

Forms: Senate Appeal Request Form (PDF) (PDF) or Senate Appeal Request Form (word)



For support, please refer to the links or contacts below:

NOSM University Learner Support Services –
Resident Wellness- For urgent wellness or crisis issues, please contact the 24 hour/7 days a week accessible PARO hotline at 1-866-HELP-DOC.

Gina Kennedy |  University Secretary
Director, Office of the President
T (705) 662-7206  | C (705) 618-4009  

Email: |