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Membership, Elections and Orientation

2015-2016 Academic Council Membership with Terms

For information or bios on faculty members please visit the Faculty Affairs website HERE

Human Sciences Faculty link: https://www.nosm.ca/about_us/organization/faculty_affairs/general.aspx?id=14288

Medical Sciences Faculty link: https://www.nosm.ca/about_us/organization/faculty_affairs/general.aspx?id=1056

Please note that this is an ongoing process at our Divisional meetings and changes happen regularly.


The Academic Council Governance and Nominations Committee is welcoming nominations from Faculty and Learners to fill the following vacancies on the Academic Council: 

·  Human Sciences Division (1 position)

·  Clinical Sciences Division (2 positions)

·  Aboriginal Academic (2 positions)*

·  Medical Students (2 positions)

·  Postgraduate Trainees (2 positions)

*can be from any of the Divisions

Procedures and Timeline

·  Nomination Period (February 15- February 29 noon)

·  Voting Period (if necessary) (Mar 7 – 11 noon)

·  Election Results – posted when available

To be eligible candidates shall:

1.    be nominated by one or more members of Academic Council or within their Division;

2.    be eligible faculty including both full time and stipendiary faculty from all Divisions

3.    be learners registered as full »time students in good academic standing

The terms will run for 3 years (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) with the exception of Learners and Postgraduate Trainees (2 years (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2018)

·  Bio / Electoral text of candidates (may be required for election)

For Information about the Academic Council please see https://www.nosm.ca/about_us/governance/general.aspx?id=241&ekmensel=c580fa7b_100_106_241_1

·  Academic Council Constitution (Section Membership)

·  Nominations and Elections Policy

Please submit your candidacy here:  ONLINE SUBMISSION

**Attendance and quorum is essential to conduct the business of Academic Council, therefore please review the dates for the future Academic Council meetings.  Meeting information

All questions can be directed to gkennedy@nosm.ca  or 705-662-7206.

Academic Council Appeals Committee – Open until Filled

**Interested candidates to email gkennedy@nosm.ca

Governance and Nominations Committee – Open until Filled

** Must be a current member of Academic Council

  • Terms of Reference HERE


This webpage will contain a collection of documents and policies passed by the Academic Council, as well as associated procedures and guidelines which are currently in effect. This PDF collection is intended to function as a convenient reference. Although the Office of the Secretary for the Academic Council updates this site on a regular basis, it is impossible to ensure complete accuracy at all times. Therefore, the Office does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of this electronic collection. In the event of any discrepancies between the policy documents formally passed and the PDF versions published via NormedNet, the former shall be the governing version.

To ensure that you have the final approved version or if you need to rely upon the latest of the policies for legal and other purposes please obtain a copy of the official version of the policy by writing to the Office of the Secretary at:

Secretary to the Academic Council:
Ms. Gina Kennedy
Tel: 705- 662-7206
Fax: 705-671-3830
Email: gina.kennedy@nosm.ca