About NOSM Education Research Communities

Postgraduate Policies, Procedures & Forms

Resident Assessment and Appeals

Postgraduate Education Policy and Procedures for the Assessment of Resident Performance

PGE Enhanced Learning Plan Form

PGE Extension of Training Plan Form

PGE Remediation Plan Form

PGE Probation Plan Form

PGE Request for Appeal Form

Leaves of Absence

PaNDA Portal Learners Guide

Functional Abilities Form (FAF)

Resident Supervision/Health and Safety

Postgraduate Supervision Policy

Postgraduate Intimidation, Harassment, Discrimination and Violence Policy and Procedure

Resident Safety Policy   

NOSM's Injury/Incident Reporting Form

Clinical Workplace Injury/Incident Reporting Procedure

Injury/Incident Reporting Responsibilities 


NOSM Transfer of Residency Programs Policy 

COFM Principles for Transfers in Ontario Residency Programs

Postgraduate Medical Education National Transfer Guidelines



College of Physician and Surgeons of Ontario: Professional Responsibilities in Postgraduate Medical Education

College of Physician and Surgeons of Ontario: Physician Behaviour in the Professional Environment

College of Physician and Surgeons of Ontario: Professional Obligations and Human-Rights

Canadian Medical Association- Code of Ethics

Rotation Related

Postgraduate Religious Holidays Protocol 

Postgraduate Resident Clinical Rotation Change Protocol 

Resident Selective Request Form

Resident Change of Rotation Request Form

Postgraduate Elective Application Form

External Elective Application Form - Family Medicine

Postgraduate Education Residency Restricted Registration Policy

NOSM Rotation Schedule 2017-2018

Ontario Common Rotation Schedule 2017-2018

Funding and Reimbursement

Request for Registration Fee Refund Form

Finance Policies and Protocols:
Protocols: Travel Management and General Expenses Protocol 
Forms:Travel Expense Summary Form 

Postgraduate Education Clinical Faculty Professional Development Request and Approval Process

Housing Protocol                   

Postgraduate Resident Conference and Course Funding Policy

PGE Resident Research Travel Grant Request Form

Resident On-Call Claim Form

Mileage Disbursement Chart

Resident Registration Fee Refund Form

Cheque Requisition Form

Resident Employee Benefits and Administration

Name/Address Change Form

CAHA NOSM PARO Benefit Program Booklet

Program Administration

Postgraduate Internal Review Process

Acting Program Director Process

General Policies

Postgraduate Education Selection Policy

Postgraduate Council of the Faculties of Medicine Policies and Procedures:

PG COFM PGE Principles and Guidelines
PG COFM AVP Process Flow Chart
PG COFM AVP Guidelines and Flowchart
PG COFM AVP Final Assessment Form
PG COFM Detailed AVP Assessment Form IMGs
PG COFM Immunization Policy
PG COFM Orientation to Training and Practice in Canada Program Exemption Policy 
PG COFM Pre-Residency Program Waiver of Exemption
PG COFM Principles for Transfers in Ontario Residency Programs 


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