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Vive les communautés francophones ici à l’EMNO : On y va avec le bon travail

Posted on January 28, 2020

We have a vibrant Francophone community at NOSM. The NOSM Francophone Reference Group (FRG)/Groupe consultatif francophone (GCF) met in Sudbury on January 18 for a strategic planning session followed by a well-attended Francophone public consultation session in Thunder Bay on January 23. I dusted off my French-speaking skills and hope to build on my vocabulary, as I have work to do. Thank you to Monique Rocheleau, Chair, and the FRG for your energy and enthusiasm and to all who attended the Francophone session particularly former Board member, Angèle Brunelle. Some excellent and unique recommendations were brought forward in both sessions. Of course, many thanks to our staff, led by the irreplaceable Danielle Barbeau-Rodrigue, NOSM’s Director of Francophone Affairs, for organizing and leading the events.


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