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Medical School and Algoma University Announce Collaboration Agreement

Posted on October 28, 2009

Partnership Identifies Opportunities to Collaborate in the area of Research of Benefit to the Health of Northern Ontarians

Earlier today, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) and Algoma University (AU) signed a Collaboration Agreement which will allow the two parties to collaborate and share expertise and resources in the area of research.

During a media event held today at Algoma University, the two organizations announced their shared commitment to providing education which is responsive to the people and communities of Northern Ontario, and highlighted their complementary resources and objectives with respect to research, education, and expertise.

The Agreement between NOSM and AU collaboration lists a number of objectives:

Life Sciences Research

Both NOSM and AU have an interest in life sciences research. There are opportunities for the partners to share expertise and resources to efficiently and effectively meet their respective needs, and to strengthen life sciences research, education, and commercial development.

Regional Access to Research and Resources

In order for NOSM to offer programs of education and professional training in health and health-related fields, it reaches out through the region to conduct research in various venues and with various regional partners. The collaboration between NOSM and AU will expand local and regional access to research and resources that have a direct relevance to the people and communities of Northern Ontario.

Clinical Research

NOSM and AU will work together to share resources, co-manage pan-Northern research initiatives, and engage community level partners with a shared objective of undertaking high-quality, evidence-based clinical research of benefit to the health status of Northern Ontarians. Project benefits will include novel and innovative approaches to health-related education for students and associates of both institutions.

Development of Projects

NOSM and AU will work together to identify specific research projects and joint responsibilities.

“The partnership between Algoma University and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine creates the opportunity for a future of exciting research initiatives,” stated Dr. Celia Ross, AU’s President. “We have a unique opportunity to have new conversations, explore new research possibilities, and to share skills, resources and expertise — all in the interest of the people we collectively serve.”

“A significant component of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine’s social accountability mandate is to build and cultivate relationships with organizations across Northern Ontario to facilitate common goals,” said Dr. Roger Strasser, NOSM Dean. “This Collaboration Agreement between the Medical School and Algoma University will allow us, and the expanded region, to pursue research initiatives and opportunities that maximize the positive impact our organizations are having in the North,” he said.

“This Collaboration Agreement offers a unique partnership for two organizations with a vested interest in providing education and research that is relevant to Northern Ontario. By sharing resources and expertise, we can undertake new clinical and life sciences research and education projects that are reflective of the needs of Northern Ontarians,” said Dr. Arthur Perlini, AU’s Academic Dean.