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2018 NHRC Presentations

Friday 20 September, 2018 Session #1

Sharen Madden
High frequency Emergency Department (ED) use in Sioux Lookout

Vicky PKH Nguyen
Establishing Equity in Access to Physician Services for Mental Health in Northern Ontario

Grace Kyoon-Achan
Our People, Our Health: Envisioning to Improve Primary Healthcare in Manitoba First Nations

Stephanie Sinclair
Comparing Indicators of Primary Health Care in First Nation and Rural/ Remote Communities in Manitoba

Emma Gottke
It’s All Interconnected…Like a Spider Web: A qualitative study of meanings of food and diet in a north-eastern Cree community

Emmanuel Abara
Learner-Faculty Feedback and Reflective Practice in a Rural urology Clinic

Friday 20 September, 2018 Session #2

Lorrilee McGregor
The Development of Biological Sampling Guidelines on Mnidoo Mnising

Shelly Hosman
Parents’ experiences and nurses’ perceptions of decision making about childhood immunization

Len Kelly
NOT-FED Study: New Obesity Treatment-Fasting, Exercise, Diet

Saturday 21 September, 2018 Session #1

Lee Rysdale
Culinary Medicine Labs: A NOSM Pilot

Carmen Petrick
Beliefs and perspectives of Patients and Providers on Hospital-Based Water Births

Manal Alzghoul
The mental health Gap in Prenatal Education: Northwestern Ontario women’s perspectives

Lynn Smith
Implementation of Pediatric Simulation for Emergency Department and Pediatric Nurses in a Northern Ontario Regional Hospital

Saturday 21 September 2018, Session #2

Dani Adduono
Menstrual Symptoms are More Severe than Premenstrual Symptoms: Age, Height, and Anxiety History are Associated with Women’s Symptom Patterns

Mike Conlon
Comprehensive hospice palliative care delivery and impact on end-of-life care, and family satisfaction with care in Sudbury, Ontario 2012-2015: A propensity score matched retrospective observational study using administrative data

Melinda Fowler
Ongomiiswin Education: The pursuit of a health career with culturally relevant Indigenous Student Support

Jai Mashru
Diabetic A1C testing and Diabetes management in rural Northwestern Ontario

Melissa Reed
The Metabolic Syndrome and its Components as Prognostic Factors in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer