Remote Work

Stacey Ritz, PH.D.


McMaster University
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, ON   L8S 4K1
Phone: 905-525-9140 x22815

Associate Professor (stipendiary), Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Medical Sciences Division
Associate Professor, Department of Pathology & Molecular Medicine, McMaster University



M.Ed; Faculty of Education, Curriculum Studies Program
University of Western Ontario (London ON)


Post-Doctoral Fellowship; Department of Medicine, Division of Clinical Immunology & Allergy
University of California – Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)


Ph.D.; Molecular Immunology, Virology & Inflammation Program, Faculty of Health Sciences
Department of Pathology & Molecular MedicineMcMaster University (Hamilton, ON)


Hons. B.Sc.; Biology (complementary studies stream), minor in Philosophy
McMaster University (Hamilton, ON)

Research Investigations

My current interests include:

  • the development of critical literacy in medical learners;
  • critical discourse analysis in medical education;
  • the integration of sex and gender considerations in basic experimental biomedical research;
  • effects of particulate air pollution on immune responses.

Selected Publications

Ritz SA, Antle D, Cote J, Deroy K, Fraleigh N, Messing K, Parent L, St-Pierre J, Vaillancourt C, Mergler D.  (2014)  First steps for integrating sex and gender considerations into basic experimental biomedical research.  The FASEB Journal, published online before print, 20 Sept 2013, doi: 10.1096/fj.13-233395.

Ritz SA. (2010)  Air pollution as a potential contributor to the ‘epidemic’ of autoimmune disease.  Medical Hypotheses 74(1):110-117.

Ritz SA, Bussoli MB, Dorman SC.  (2010)  Alcohol fixation of induced sputum for applications in rural communities.  Canadian Respiratory Journal 17(3):115-121.

Ritz SA, Wan J, Diaz-Sanchez D.  (2007)  Sulforaphane-stimulated phase II enzyme induction inhibits cytokine production by airway epithelial cells stimulated with diesel extract.  American Journal of Physiology – Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology 292:L33-L39.

Ritz SA, Cundall MJ, Gajewska BU, Swirski FK, Wiley RE, Alvarez D, Coyle AJ, Stampfli MR, Jordana M. (2004) The lung cytokine microenvironment influences molecular events in the lymph nodes during Th1 and Th2 respiratory mucosal sensitization to antigen in vivo.Clinical & Experimental Immunology 138(2):213-20.

Ritz SA, Stampfli MR, Davies DE, Holgate ST, Jordana M. (2002) On the generation of allergic airway diseases: from GM-CSF to Kyoto.Trends in Immunology 23(8):396-402.

Ritz SA, Cundall MJ, Gajewska BU, Alvarez D, Gutierrez-Ramos JC, Coyle AJ, McKenzie AN, Stampfli MR, Jordana M. (2002) Granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor-driven respiratory mucosal sensitization induces Th2 differentiation and function independently of Interleukin-4.American Journal of Respiratory Cell & Molecular Biology 27(4):428-35.

Full publication list available here.