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Konrad Leszczynski, PH.D. FCCPM

profile image placeholder, grey silhouette of a person Northeast Cancer Centre
Health Sciences North | Horizon Santé-Nord
41 Ramsey Lake Rd.
Sudbury, P3E 5J1, CANADA
Ph.: (705) 522-6237 x.2147
Fax: (705) 523-7329
Associate Professor, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Medical Sciences Division
Chief Physicist, Northeast Cancer Centre, Health Sciences North
Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, University of Ottawa
Adjunct Professor, Department of Physics, Laurentian University



Ph.D. Medical Physics
University of Manitoba


M.Sc. Medical Physics
Warsaw University, Poland

Research Investigations

My current interests include:

  • Intensity Modulated and Image Guided Radiation Therapy,
  • Digital image reconstruction and processing,
  • Risks from radiation exposure

Selected Publications

Yao W. and Leszczynski K. – “Depth distribution of multiple order X-ray scatter”. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Apr 2008, 77(4): 381-390.

Whitton A, Warde P, Sharpe M, Oliver TK, Bak K, Leszczynski K, Etheridge S, Fleming K, Gutierrez E, Favell L, Green E. – “Organisational Standards for the Delivery of Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy in Ontario”. Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol). 2009 Apr; 21(3):192-203. Epub 2008 Dec 5.

Yao W, Leszczynski K. – “Analytically derived weighting factors for transmission tomography cone beam projections.“. Phys Med Biol. Feb 7; 54(3) 2009:513-33.

Yao W, Leszczynski KW – “An analytical approach to estimating the first order x-ray scatter in heterogeneous medium.” Med Phys. 2009 Jul; 36(7):3145-56.

Yao W, Leszczynski KW – “An analytical approach to estimating the first order scatter in heterogeneous medium. II. A practical application.” Med Phys. 2009 Jul; 36(7):3157-67.

Blais AR, Lederer E, Oliver M, Leszczynski K –” Static and rotational step-and-shoot IMRT treatment plans for the prostate: a risk comparison study.” Med Phys. 2012 Feb; 39(2):1069-78.

Oliver M, McConnell D, Romani M, McAllister A, Pearce A, Andronowski A, Wang X, Leszczynski K. – “Evaluation of the trade-offs encountered in planning and treating locally advanced head and neck cancer: intensity-modulated radiation therapy vs. dual-arc volumetric-modulated arc therapy.” Br J Radiol. 2012 Dec; 85(1020):1539-45.