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Gregory M. Ross, PhD

NOSM University
935 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury ON Canada P3E 2C6
Phone:  705-561-5660
www: under development
Primary Appointment: Professor, NOSM University
Cross Appointments:
Laurentian University Biology and Lakehead University Anthropology
Education: BSc (Hon) Simon Fraser University (Biochemistry), PhD, McMaster University (Neuroscience)

Faculty Appointments


Professor and Queen’s National Scholar
Departments of Physiology,  Biology, and Environmental Sciences, Queen’s University


Associate Dean Research
Northern Ontario School of Medicine


Professor and MAG Aerospace Industrial Research Chair in
Environment and Health Surveillance at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Research Program

Dr. Gregory Ross, PhD, is a biomedical research scientist specializing in disorders of the nervous system. Dr. Ross’ research is focused on the influence of environmental factors on brain disease, and he has study sites throughout Ontario and in other regions of Canada.

Prior to joining the Northern Ontario School of Medicine as Associate Dean, Research, Greg was on the faculty of Queen’s University in Kingston, and earlier trained at McMaster University in Hamilton.

Greg is very active in the Canadian biotechnology sector, and serves on many advisory boards and review panels, at both provincial and national levels. He is the scientific founder of two successful biotechnology companies in Canada, and is the recipient of a national scholarship for research excellence.

Greg was the Associate Dean, Research at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine from 2004 – 2014 and currently holds the MAG Aerospace Industrial Research Chair in Health and Environmental Surveillance.

The research focus of the group is environmental monitoring (using remote sensing technologies) and includes studies on wildfires, cyanobacteria, invasive species, and other events impacting human health.

Selected Recent Publications

Kennedy, A.E., Vohra, R., Scott, J.A. and Ross, G.M. (2017) Effects of serum albumin on SPR-measured affinity of small molecule inhibitors binding to nerve growth factor. Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research 15 1-4.

Kennedy, A.E., Laamanen, C.A., Ross, M.S., Vohra, R., Boreham, D.R., Scott, J.A. and Ross G.M. (2017) Nerve growth factor inhibitor with novel binding domain demonstrates nanomolar efficacy in both cell-based and cell-free assay systems. Pharmacology Research and Perspectives. 5 1-15.

Sheffield, K.S.A., Vohra, R., Scott, J.A. and Ross, G.M. (2016) Using surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy to characterize the inhibition of NGF-p75NTR and proNGF-p75NTR interactions by small molecule inhibitors. Pharmacological Research. 103 292-299.

Sheffield, K.S.A., Kennedy, A.E., Scott, J.A. and Ross G.M. (2016) Characterizing nerve growth factor-p75NTR interactions and small molecule inhibition using surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy. Analytical Biochemistry. 493 21-26.

Kennedy, A.E., Sheffield, K.S.A., Eibl, J.K., Murphy, M., Vohra, R., Scott, J.A., Ross, G.M., (2016) A surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy method for characterizing small-molecule binding to nerve growth factor. Journal of Biomolecular Screening. 21 96-100.