Remote Work

Eva Neufeld, PH.D

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Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Laurentian University Campus
935 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury, On P3E 2C6

Assistant Professor, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Human Sciences Division
Senior Research Associate, Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research, Laurentian University
Associate Fellow, interRAI Network of Mental Health
Chair, North East Suicide Prevention Network, Réseau pour la prévention du suicide du nord-est



Ph.D.; Health Studies & Gerontology, Aging, Health and Well Being Program,
School of Public Health and Health Systems, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences,
University of Waterloo (Waterloo, ON)


M.A.; Gerontology
Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, BC)


Hons. B.A.; Gerontology
Huntington University (Sudbury, ON)


B.A.; Psychology
University of Windsor (Windsor, ON)

Research Investigations

My current interests include:

  • Mental health and aging;
  • Late-life depression, suicide prevention, risk assessment, psychiatry;
  • Health services utilization, health systems integration, quantitative methods;
  • Accessibility to health services in northern, rural and remote settings.

Dr. Neufeld may have positions available for undergraduate or graduate students, depending on funding.

Selected Publications

Freeman, S. L., Frise-Smith, T., Neufeld, E., Fisher, K., & Ebihara, S. (2016). The wish to die among palliative home care clients in Ontario, Canada: A cross-sectional study. BMC Palliative Care, 15(24), DOI: 10.1186/s12904-016-0093-8.

Heisel, M. J., Neufeld, E, Flett, G. L. (2016). Reasons for living, meaning in life, and suicide ideation: investigating the roles of key positive psychological factors in reducing suicide risk in community-residing older adults. Aging and Mental Health, 20(2), 195-207. DOI: 10.1080/13607863.2015.1078279.

Neufeld E, Viau, K. A., Hirdes, J.P., Warry, W. (2016). Predictors of frequent emergency department visits among rural older adults in Ontario using the RAI-Home Care (RAI-HC). Australian Journal of Rural Health24, 115-122. DOI: 10.1111/ajr.12213.

Neufeld, E, Hirdes, J. P., Perlman, C., Rabinowitz, T. (2015). A longitudinal examination of rural status and suicide risk based on the RAI-Home Care (RAI-HC). Healthcare Management Forum, Special Issue. 28(4): 129-133.

Neufeld, E., Hirdes, J. P., Perlman, C., & Rabinowitz, T. (2015). Risk and protective factors associated with intentional self-harm among older community-residing home care clients in Ontario, Canada. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 30(10): 1032-1040.

Neufeld, E., Freeman, S., Joling, K., Hirdes, J. P. (2014). When the golden years are blue: Examining changes in late-life depression over time in long term care facilities in Ontario, Canada. Clinical Gerontologist, 37, 298-315.

Neufeld E, Hirdes JP, Rabinowitz T. (2011). Suicidality and purposeful self-harm clinical assessment protocol.  In Hirdes JP, Curtin-Telegdi N, Mathias K, et al. interRAI Mental Health Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPs) for use with Community and Hospital-Based Mental Health Assessment Instruments.Version 9.1. Washington, DC: interRAI.

Full publication list available here.